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I'm of the "older" generation which our state has recently decide is next on the list. However, our local health department unlike nearly every county around us has taken the ignorant position that it will give them out only on a first come, first serve basis. My wife and I cannot spend multiple hours in a car in line, (drive-through clinic). We've gone out twice a little over an hour early and both times turned away as they had no more available vaccine.


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My wife and I have got our first jabs. Austin Public Health said they would contact us for our second. I hope this isn't like a RomCom where "he never calls."


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Easy here in NorCal...took my parents for their first the other day (many options for initial appointments), and they won’t let you leave without an appointment for your second.

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I’ve used Rite-Aid, as a pharmacy, for years. They offer, IMO, top notch service, and for at least, the past half dozen years, it is where I not only have prescriptions filled, but get my inoculations.

Yesterday, the pharmacist telephoned me, asking “you want a COVID shot?”. I shouted yes! He then said stop over at 3:00. I then asked if he could also inoculate my wife, and he said he think he would have enough. Five minutes later, he called back, saying bring her over and he said she would get her shot.

When we got there, after signing the CDC paperwork, he said he never had anyone so excited to get a shot. Love that place!
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I am finally getting my shot later this morning at a High School, wish me good luck. :)

You'll be fine, probably already if you went this morning! My wife and I got our first shots yesterday morning. I guess we're half shot now!

They were very organized and didn't feel anything from the shot. No problems/pain today. My wife had a slight sensation at the vaccination area this morning but it went away within an hour.

I'm thinking with no problems for me, they might have missed my arm!! ? ;)


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We got our first 8 days ago without problems afterward. But, several people we know including my cardiologist talked about having a lot of issues following their second dose to the point of not feeling good enough to work for a few days.


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The wife and I will be getting our second shots on 25 March 2021. We waited in line for perhaps two and one half hours for out first shot, but have been assigned a 15 minute window to go in for our second shot. ;)


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On the TV news this past weekend, I saw a good deal of coverage of the masses of college students celebrating Spring Break in Miami, Florida. At least the city of Miami wisely instituted a curfew to somewhat limit the damage,but here presumably our best and brightest, potentially in the throes of the final months of this pandemic and these young people are massing on the beaches and in the bars, participating in what could become the most destructive of the super-spreader events committed by we misguided American, as these young folks return to their respective college campuses and spread the germs among the student bodies on those campuses. Acting this how we make America great again? I don't think so. :mad:

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Dear wife and I had our second shots, on 3/9/21 and we both had very minor discomfort the next day. But all is good now!

I don't understand the need for spring break travel! Kids are on break when at college: yes they mostly work, but it is not as if they're home. When we had breaks at PSU, I always worked full time (yes I worked part time whenever I could while in school). I just started a young guy, at my plant, this past Friday. He called to see if I would hire him for summer work (material engineering) and I told him to stop by, for an interview. He told me he works Fridays, as he does not have classes on that day during this spring semester. I told him I would give him summer work, and if he wanted, he could also work Fridays. He jumped all over that!

Different times and different values? Don't know, but I would bet the number of students that actually travel, might be quite low, as a percentage.
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