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So finding comfortable, quality dress shoes for my wife has been an ongoing project. I was perusing the Carmina website last night and noticed that they also sell women’s shoes. My wife agreed that she liked some of the offerings and I have been trying to get her into a smaller heal or even flats for some time now. I own a pair of Carmina’s and have read enough about them to be convinced these are quality shoes at a reasonable (not cheap by any means) price. I think we will take the plunge sometime in the next few months and try out a pair that she can wear with a suit or more casually with slacks and a sport coat or sweater. Has anyone here had actual experience with their women’s shoes? Opinions on quality? Fit? Sizing?
C&J also has some nice women' shoes but at a higher price point.
On another question, I have long wondered if it would be possible to just figure out what size she would be in men’s shoes and get her some quality flats that way. Have any of you lady’s ever tried wearing men’s dress shoes? I can see no major difference between her top siders or her penny loafers and mine. Appreciate any help.
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Depending on your wife's foot size, it might not be possible. My wife wears a 6 in women's, which would be a 4 in men's, which basically doesn't exist. If she wears a women's 9, maybe she could try a men's 7, though. And a women's medium width equals a men's narrow, so you might need a thinner shoe, too.
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[FONT=q_serif]Carmina (made in Spain), Weston (handmade in France) and Stivaleria Savoia (ready-to-wear and made in Italy) are all "men's shoe makers" who also offer shoes for women which are basically "feminized" versions of men's shoes, and which also come actually recommended (at least by one female fashion editor I know in Paris, who herself prefers "men's" shoes).

As for actually wearing men's shoes, unless she's stocky and gigantic, that's never going to work; men's dress shoes are proportioned differently, so they don't "scale linearly" (Men's shoes are wider per unit length than women's are, men's standard width being D versus the female standard of B). Casual shoes are a bit more interchangeable.

That said, as a husband of many years, I will caution you of ever daring to buy your wife a pair of shoes: you simply lack the discernment for minutiae which guides her shopping, and you WILL overlook a (to her eye) flaw. Beware!



Yeah of all the gifts I buy my wife, shoes are never a consideration. She's extremely picky and I haven't the foggiest notion of what feels right.

I should add that Crockett & Jones makes women's shoes as well me my wife likes some of the styles offered. They are, as mentioned above, feminized versions of what's offered on the men's side.


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My experience is with Miquel Martorell who ripped me off for a month of advertising (unpaid) and does't answer e-mail!


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I should add that Crockett & Jones makes women's shoes as well me my wife likes some of the styles offered. They are, as mentioned above, feminized versions of what's offered on the men's side.
That does appear to be the case - they scale them down and use ribbons instead of laces. Even Tricker's have attempted to do this.


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Years ago Allen Edmond's had a line of shoes for the women. I thought it was a great idea for the wife to have a couple of pair of "quality" shoes and eventually two of AE's designs for the ladies were residing on my wife's shoe racks. SWMBO informed me that the shoes looked like smaller versions of what I wore and that they were not very feminine and also, standing at 5' 1", she needed a shoe with a bit more of a heel. The shoe's were rarely, if ever worn and were eventually passed on to Goodwill. In retrospect, I've got to admit...the lady looks better in a nice pair of spike heels! LOL. ;)


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So this is something my wife and I have spent a bit of time on. Quality shoes for women, they just cannot be found. I've shown her the C&J line and the Carmina line for ladies, and every time she tells me, I'm not a butch lesbian. I have given up showing her their offerings, but her desire for quality footwear is still there. We have gone through Nordstrom, neiman marcus, and nordstrom rack, I think her favorite heels so far have been Cole Haan with nike technology, but even those didn't last very long.


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My wife has a pair of Carmina heels. She's quite pleased with them, but they did take a bit of time to break in. The JM weston line she is really pleased with as well, picked these instead of C and J after trying on a few pairs of each. Just take her to Paris to try on all 3 brands, I'm sure that will go over well :)
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