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These are all just too big for me as I have lost weight and I am lost in these pants. They have been in my cedar chest for too long and look that way. The waist is 34 but have been taken in, plenty of room to let out if needed, the Canalis are double pleats and the Palmer is Single Pleats. $50 a pair plus shipping. They have been in a cedar chest for quite a few years, many year in fact. If the price seems out of line please contact me. Thanks for looking, I will also post some 3+ season Canali pants. I was unable to post all of the photos I took but the lengths on all are about the same. 39" from the top of the waist band, and 27 1/2 to 28 from the crotch with a 1 1/2 inch cuff.
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@guitone - bumping in the event they are still available for sale. If not, please mark this thread with the "sold" prefix. Thx.