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Hi AAAC Team,

My weight loss has resulted in my formal wear no longer fitting. My your gain.

Here are two utilitarian shawl collar dinner jackets I had made up by Maharaba Tailors in Manama, Bahrain in 2013-2014 when I was posted in Saudi as a diplomat. I wore them to many diplomatic functions and they served me, and our country, well. They can do the same for you.

Both are in excellent condition, most likely a wool blend fabric. They wear well, look great and hang well. PM me with any questions. The photos should tell the story.

Price: Both jackets with trousers and shirt $75 plus shipping.


The black jacket is double vented with jetted pockets.

Chest: 21”, sleeve 34.5”, length 32.5”

The white jacket is single vented with jetted pockets and surgeons cuffs.

Chest: 22”, sleeve 36”, length 32”

The trousers are flat front. I removed the belt loops and put buttons for braces inside. The fabric of the trousers matches the jacket.

Waist: 40”, rise 15”, length 30”.

Shirt: I have one Brooks Brothers pleated front 16.5 x 35 French cuff dress shirt I will include.

In addition to these, I have a white tie tail coat and trousers I will post next week in 44R. To see photos of the white tie as well as the black jacket in action at the 2018 Vienna Ball season, go to


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