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Not a single one. I've never even seen another trad in Sydney, and I live in a trendy, fashion conscious area. Maybe TNSIL never existed here.


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You don't see a lot of Trads here in NW Indiana but, that's OK...there are still a whole lot of nice people around here. I guess I would have to say...while I may be a Trad alone, I am not a lonesome Trad! ;)


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My father is the most trad man I know (more so because it's natural, not intentional); I'm less trad than I used to be (I was thoroughly trad pre-grad school), but as I write this I'm lounging on my terrace in chinos and OCBD (albeit untucked, as I'm lounging) so I'm not far from the tree.

Most of my friends are physicists and mathematicians, who are largely trad as a group (well, actually just sensibly uninterested in fashion, which tends to default to trad), though obviously peppered with occasional Birkenstocks and tee-shirts printed with ironic graphics.



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I have one, but he lives in AL. Epitome of trad, an Auburn man and Southern gentleman.

Here in FL, I see a few men at church that I can pick out as dressing tradly with some consistency, but that's about it.

As PrepDad put it, Southern fellows. In AL, you throw a rock and hit one. Here in FL, much less of a chance that a man would identify with being "Southern," and even less of a chance that they dress the part. Unfortunately there is a lot of Kenneth Cole, Zegna and Canali running around, and wearing square-toed shoes as well. Just not my taste I guess.
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Just to clarify:

For those of you Southern gents whose friends are trad, do you mean that they share the same commitments to sack suits, repp ties, flat front trousers, button-downs, etc. as members of this forum? Or are you referring to something else?

My own experience having lived most of my life in the South is that, while you may be more likely to see a Southerner wearing a navy blazer, bow tie, seersucker, or other items typically associated with the trad cannon (broadly conceived), chances are the jackets will be two button darted, pants will be pleated and bow tie could be in the Vineyard Vines style as easily as it could be a repp.

To me the Southern look is much more Ben Silver and Souther Proper than O'Connell's and J.Press. More prep than ivy, you might say.


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Good question. And I see a bit of a mixture... some are "in training" and some are "there" and always have been. But the overall effect is far more toward traditional dress - unless one has a beer belly, a NASCAR t-shirt and flip-flops... which is a whole 'nother subject.


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Few are Chosen . . .

I have zero friends or acquaintances that I would consider strictly "trad." (not a bad thing at all). None of my friends has a sack suit or jacket, and the only sack jacket I ever found here in Dallas was on sale at Orvis, which I bought of course given the novelty of the find.

I have a couple of friends that went to school with more ivy (Princeton) or southern trad (W&L) credentials but it's mostly in the blue blazer/repp tie/khaki trouser style, which is sort of ubiquitous. Couple of older guys at my parish church are the real deal and nod knowingly when I wear a sack suit, though they are not from here (Dallas).

Just a rarity I guess.


Yes and no.

Yes in the sense that around here men above a certain age (say 40) or in certain professions (the bank, lawyers) have a default setting of blazer and chinos, blazer and slacks, tweed and ditto, with the usual sorts of ties and almost always a buttondown collar. Lots of tassel loafers.

No in the sense that anybody thinks about it.

I refer to civilians here. There are some toffs, fops, peacocks and men-about-town who understand. We exchange conspiratorial glances in the supermarket.


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I would say three. 1 here (born & bred, quite an anomaly, to say the least) and 2 from way back in college (1 now in Chicago via Boston via Shaker Heights) and 1 in Maryland (born & bred, LAX player, the real deal).

ABQ is not a hotbed of style, let alone tradliness.


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Interesting question.

Maybe another way to look at it is to wonder if you ever considered bringing up to a group of friends that you spend some time daily looking over message boards on men's clothing?

I didn't think so. Among the people that I know, bringing up this as a topic of conversation would be something like saying, "I've developed an interest in beastiality, any one else have an interest?"

There seems to be a difference in various geographical areas. The South seems to have more men with an interest. However, in watching crowd shots in SEC games this fall, I haven't spotted any.

In the NE, most men seem to fall into two general categories, among my friends:
>Those that absolutely don't care, in the slightest. By standards here, they are poorly dressed, but they have significant other interests in life.
>Those whose wives buy their clothes. They appear as poorly dressed as my wife would if, I picked out her clothes.

Which is to say there are about four significant MBs on men's clothing, but a minute portion of the population that has any interest.

So, it is fortunate to have a site, such as this, to exchange ideas with kindred spirits. And if you do feel that you are well dressed, the value involves how you feel about yourself, and pleasing the outside world isn't a consideration.


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Same here pretty much.


Two fellows in my office are not Trad, like the rest of us and both are from north of the MD line. One's all about the no-iron shirts and matching ties (purple today, ahem) and square toed lace up "dress" shoes with rubber soles from Chess King. The other never wears a tie or suit, always sporting some pleated polyester slacks and whatever shirt Jos A Bank had a 2-4-1 sale on last month. These guys make decent money, but they hold on to all of it.
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