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Beautiful Viyella shirt. Size Large. 80% cotton, 20% wool. These Viyella shirts are the perfect fall/winter shirt. So comfy. This one is in excellent condition. $30 shipped conus.


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@stewartu - the imgur link in this listing is not working atm -- it's going to a page where no image is showing,

Can you please find one or more image and upload (or copy/paste) them directly your listing p lease.

To drop images in your listing:
  1. Just open the image in your favorite program
  2. Resize it to 900px wide max
  3. Copy it to your clipboard
  4. Paste it into the listing
  5. Or, save them to your local computer, and use "Attach files" to add them
LMK if you have any questions. Happy to help anyway I can.