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Great H Stockton video of the cutting process. Having served as a cutters assistant, way back in the day, at Woolrich Woolen Mills, Woolrich, PA, I was impressed by the advances/automation of the cutting process for making jackets/other garments. Thank you for sharing that. ;)

Mike Petrik

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Thanks, Eagle. By the time I retired a couple of years ago Stockton had become my go-to clothier. Great folks who understand tradition and aim to please. My need for more tailor clothing these days is slim to none unfortunately, but when I need something I go there first.


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I first started going to H Stockton when I was a student at Georgia Tech back in the late 80s...

... many of the same folks are still there!

Granted, ordering online kind of evades the actual customer experience, but they do have a well "curated" selection of stock.