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Northland Woolens - Specializes in recycled patch wool winter accessories (gloves, scarves, mittens, hats, etc). Made in Minnesota.

Golden Touch Naturals - Specializes in alpaca wool winter accessories. (No overcoat liners, sadly.) Made in Massachusetts.

Artex Knitting Mills - Made in New Jersey. Slim pickings (they mostly deal in synthetics) but they do make mohair scarves and wool knit ties. (They may be wholesalers, though... anyone know?)

Bob Goodman & Co. - Neckties, made in New York (or maybe it's New Jersey?). Dann stocks some wider (3 3/4") solid repps and regimentals by them.

English Sportswear - Wholesale only, sadly. (Do they have a web presence?) Makes embroidered trousers in Lynbrook, New York.

Rivetz of Boston/Global Neckwear Marketing - Also wholesale only, I think. Old-school neckties, some made in the U.S., some in Italy. Interesting if you're curious about prep-school and college regimentals and club ties, as they have a bunch of them illustrated on the website.
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I would like to add a newer company, Goodhew, that make some equisite wool/blend socks. They are based in Chattanooga, TN and manufacture in NC.


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Kenneth Gordon Dress Shirts:

"When Hurricaine Katrina devastated their city and manufacturing facility, the owners of Kenneth Gordon could have cut and run- taking the opportunity to move to cheap, exploitive, overseas labor. But they took the higher path. Keeping all their employees on the payroll and benefits plan, they got back into their plant as soon as possible and brought anyone back who wanted to return... Now that's responsible business!"

"Big Changes Bad and Good:
The Bad:
Kenneth Gordon could not make it post-Katrina New Orleans, and, after 2 years back, they sold themselves.
The Good: Gitman Bros. bought KG- a union manufacturer in Pennsylvania, so we can continue to offer their products.
The Conclusion: A slightly smaller line of fabulous Union-Made in the US dress shirts, with an entire 2nd in-stock line, as well as custom line, to be added soon from Gitman."



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Stopped into Rush Wilson, the local "trad" shop today, and discovered a new Made-in-USA brand of socks. They're called Boardroom Socks (https://www.boardroomsocks.com/default.aspx) and are manufactured in North Carolina. The website only has black right now, but the store was carrying the midnight blue (darker than Brooks' navy socks) and the gray.


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Cardinals5 mentioned Boardroom Socks a while back. I bought some and they are excellent. Well made of a good blend of wool and nylon with a firm and not-too-fuzzy finish (what I don't like about Pantherella). They feel a lot like J Press socks and may be their manufacturer. They washed well, though can't say about shrinkage since I don't put socks in the dryer. Great price, free shipping and arrived about 72 hours after I ordered. I will get more as needed.


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Mulholland Brothers
Galco from Phoenix (mostly military and law enforcement holsters, etc, but does do some sport shooting stuff (warning - may be hazardous to the blood pressure of lefties!)
Filson luggage - my garment bag and fishing vest are top notch and indestuctible, does wallets, etc. too - but most "clothing" other than the purer sporting stuff is made overseas, sadly T Anthony from NYC is no longer US Made (and French is out of business).

Shoes: glad Rancourt finally got a nod (Brooks now carries a few, and Polo Ralph Lauren has them make a few of theirs), and I'd add (at the very high end) Perry Ercolino from the Philadelphia area (full bespoke; Andy did a whole write up a while back)

Socks: just got some US Made Gold Toes for Christmas, but you'll probably need to check label by label

love my first pair of Corbin trousers - bought at Wright & Simon in Wilmington, DE - a great old school men's store with great service, tailoring, and carries several brands mentioned earlier - H Freeman, Hickey Freeman, Bill's Khakis, etc.

Happy new year - and let's make it a better one for US manufacturers!


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Happy new year - and let's make it a better one for US manufacturers![/QUOTE]

I agree. I do try to seek out US manufactured items whenever possible.


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Was just going to suggest Rancourt, but I see they've been covered now, so I'll add Fish Creek Moccasin Works (Door County, WI) and Oak Street Bootmakers (loafers, made in Chicago from Horween leather).

For bags, I didn't see Wm J Mills, Beckel, Duluth Pack, or Frost River, all of which make classic duffels and totes in canvas and leather. For higher-end bags, Mitchell Leather, and J.W. Hulme. Archival Clothing is a good source for US-made bags too, and they carry Columbiaknit sweatshirts. (Update: I see I missed a section at the bottom of the original post, which has a lot of these!)

2nd update: I forgot Epaulet and Left Field! Both make fantastic pants, and a wide range of shirts, and both companies do their production in NYC (Brooklyn, I believe).

Buying from this thread - and only this thread - would make a pretty great New Year's resolution, eh? Look at this variety. Other than the cost, it wouldn't really be that much of a hassle. I'm going to give it some serious thought. If I decided to go for it, would anyone else be interested in joining me?
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