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$100 plus shipping (originally $200 obo)

Beautiful leather boots made in Spain. SIZE 9
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The brand new size 9 sold a month ago.
I'm sorry all I have is a lightly worn 8 and a half (8 1/2) Magnanni Chelsea boots that I bought at Nordstrom. Are you still interested? $100 - PayPal
I only wore them a few times. They're just too narrow for me. I went with Carmina instead so these are just collecting dust in my closet. If you are interested still I'll take pictures and upload them for you .


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That size is going to be too small for me. I’m looking for a boot and these may have been a little bit too dressy but for the price you were selling a mat it might’ve been worthwhile to take a chance.


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Well these run a size big but if you're still interested I could send pics for you if you want.
Just a heads up, the ones pictures on top of post are new.

The ones I have have a few creases.