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Searched Rules and Membership Info but could not find an appropriate sub forum for a New Member intro. When confronted with only Trad or Timeless Style I figured since Slovenly wasn't a sub forum option it would be ironic if I announced here.

Been Googling AAAC for advice for a few years and finally decided to join up, not that I have anything meaningful to share....

I did have a clothing lifestyle changing event just last week so I need to tell someone about it!

I typically wear Hickey Freeman mainline suits, (I live near Rochester, great sales in the past), and Brooks Brothers 1818 Madison. I do have a double breasted Oxxford I bought 20 years ago at Marshalls, (TJX), so I appreciate the higher end OTR suits but I've never quite brought myself to spend that much on myself.

I manage several retail properties and two in one area have thrift stores as tenants. I enter every week, speak to the manager to make sure all is well and report back to the Landlords as to the status of their tenant base.

Well last Thursday I was walking around, inspecting ceiling tiles for leaks, any obvious signs of wear tear out of the ordinary etc, when I turned down an aisle and saw a gorgeous suit hanging not on the rack but on a hook on the wall. Something about that suit said take a peek.

It was a lovely dark blue with faint pin stripes, working cuff buttons and obvious hand stitching on the visible waist band.


The jacket fit!!

Pants were a few inches too tight and too long but they should be ready by Friday. I have to admit, the sleeves are a tad long and my tailor said he'd look at them but we both know what he'll say.

I'm wearing a cashmere crew neck sweater today, it is wonderful but it felt like burlap next to the suit when I walked by the jacket this morning.

Behind it was a maroon label Hickey Freeman too fit. It too came home with me.

I told my wife I paid $1299 for each suit. She thought I was a bit daft knowing I have over 20 suits and more shoes than her. Of course when I explained the decimal point was positioned between the 2 and the 9 she laughed...she loved the cut of the Brioni but the fabric of the HF was a bit softer....both stunning suits!!

I've never thrifted before....this could get habit forming!

We've been corporate casual or casual since late March. While it has been nice to see my weekly contacts in a more relaxed setting I truly miss wearing a suit. Most are also casual so my upper limit has been button down collar shirt, nice slacks and interesting blazer.

Hopefully this will be behind us soon and I still remember how to tie a tie by then!!

So thanks to the moderator for allowing me in


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@The Great Garbanzo - welcome to our Community. Great story indeed, and congrats on the successful Thrift purchase(s)!

My best thrift purchase was for a pair of dress shoes. Needed something for a Valentine's party a few years back. Found a pair at Salvation Army for around $10, and they turned out to be my favorite and most comfortable pair of shoes!

Sadly, I left them in HCM Vietnam when I was traveling there at the beginning of this year (just before the pandemic). Oh well, maybe I'll strike gold again next time I visit a thrift store.

Again, welcome!


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Have not been a thrifter, more of a donator, but Welcome to our little bit of daily conversation and recollection. I’ve been
a member since about 2006 and always find something useful, informative or just plain fun to read about. Hope you do the same! Tom

The Great Garbanzo

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Thanks for the warm welcome.

Hoping not to sound snobbish but frankly at 62 I'm not about to change my shopping habits...Just a dumb stroke of luck that the suit was hanging visibly on the wall vs. buried in the rack.

Still, I'm sure my eyes may drift from the building items next time I'm in there inspecting the premises!

I’ve been a member since about 2006 and always find something useful, informative or just plain fun to read about. Hope you do the same! Tom

Ha! I may have been lurking that long! Agreed, great content and polite crowd.


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Welcome to AAAC. It is great to have new members come on board bringing their knowledge, experiences and questions to the attention of our membership. We all benefit from a dynamic give and take relationship. I am looking forward to your future postings. Again, welcome! ;)

The Great Garbanzo

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Thanks again all.

To sum up who you're going to be dealing with here I have a sign on my office wall which reads:

How can you make so many dumb mistakes in one day????

I get up early!

Fits me to a "T".

I enjoy and appreciate well made clothes, old cars, good food, family and bourbon but I do not take myself too seriously
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