pink gingham dress shirt...need a tie.


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Just purchased this shirt -

And while I love it, I'm at a loss for ties. While blue might work well with my poplin suit this summer, I want to wear this with a navy suit to an evening wedding in a few weeks. The light blue solid tie pictured here screams Donald Trump to me, and frankly, that's a look I'd like to avoid. Any suggestions? A small pattern? I think stripes would be way too much unless they were broad...What about color? Suggestions gladly welcome.

Dingo McPhee

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Pink gingham says "casual" and navy suit says "formal" to me, so I wouldn't wear them together. But that's me.

For colors, I'd try yellow or green (especially pastels). Purple might get too "in between" the pink and navy, but it would depend on the tie.

For pattern, I'd skip stripes and checks as too similar. Go for solid (but you've already rejected that) or patterns like dots or paisley.

Consider a bow tie if that's your cup o' tea.

And DEFINITELY a pocket square to lighten up the navy suit.


The tie shown with the shirt is probably the best choice for it . . .

. . . but maybe not the only choice.

In dealing with a shirt that light and bright (and patterned), you would need something solid, or with a contrasting pattern (you might be able to get away with a navy/white dot tie of some variety - the suit had better be plain, or not strongly patterned, certainly).

For a red striped shirt of equal difficulty of tie coordination, I bought a medium dark cerulean blue natte, i.e. baskweave texture tie (from Andrew's Ties, since they have solids in every shade of the spectrum), which seems to work - dark, but not too dark, affording contrast from both shirt and navy suit.

Hope that the suggestion is of use.

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Navy with white dots would look really swell. Just make sure the dots are of a sufficiently contrasting scale to the reality of the gingham scale.


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knit ties always look lovely with a gingham shirt.But if you go with a silk tie, I'd suggest a nice solid colored one, like a blue, green,or a burgundy tie.:icon_smile_big:
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Agreed w/ the person who said the tie shown with it is a good choice.

Quite honestly, that just isn't a terribly functional shirt. The pattern is very casual, while the cuffs attempt to dress it up a lot. Plus, the spread collar further complicates the matter by making it harder to find the right tie. I personally wouldn't wear this informal-looking shirt (being both pink and gingham) with a suit (other than perhaps a light-colored poplin) and I am usually somewhat hesitant to wear french cuffs with, say, slacks and a blue blazer. So, in all, I have no idea what you should do; it will take a lot of work to pull something decent off.

Whoever suggested a bowtie is, in my opinion, wrong. Look at the collar of the shirt. It would look very odd.


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one of the few times something with grey and white work IMO. Even a black tie if you're feeling daring.

otherwise I go complimentary like a shade of red, or purple with pink in it.
try knitted navy with pink polka dots
even charcoal grey...

Here are some pic ideas:


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This message board is great. Wonderful suggestions, so thank you so far. Keep them coming though...and I'm very fond of the shirt.


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I disagree that the shirt wouldn't work with a navy suit. Granted, gingham is a more casual pattern, but the wide spread collar and the French cuffs do give it a degree of formality than the same pattern as an OCBD. I have a similar shirt in navy, and it looks just fine with either a navy or dark grey solid suit. However, I would never wear that shirt for a formal or evening function.

As most of us know, combining patterns is not always easy...and it's very much a trial-and-error "art" (rather than a science). IMO, the trick would be to have one of the elements (suit, shirt or tie) be solid.

PJC in NoVa

I happen to own a couple of pink ginghams very similar to that one. My most "out there" dress shirts by far.

I like to team mine with a solid-black tie and a dark-gray suit, either solid or a simple stripe like this one from H-F:

The idea here is that the shirt is so strong, bright, and colorful, you tone the other elements down.

Aside from the solid black, I also sometimes wear an RL Polo tie I have that has pink flamingoes embroidered in a solid-black background. Something in a similar vein that might work would be this dark-navy tie w/ pink crawdads from LE:

Or this one in navy w/ white dragonflies:

And of course navy with fairly widely spaced pink polka dots could work:

As could navy with white dots:

PS: FWIW, I don't feel this is an ideal shirt for an evening wedding. A daytime wedding held out of doors, maybe, but this isn't really a great after-six shirt, IMO.
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I have a very similar shirt, and would suggest either a pale blue knitted silk tie, or a yellow paisley tie. But all the other tie suggestions sound good, too. It looks like a lovely shirt, enjoy it!
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