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$5+shipping. Will ship to you at cost, contact me for shipping quote. Short sleeve P2p 22", Length 29". Colors: Navy Stripe (actually this is a Nautica shirt, only one in the lot) Orange, Navy, Merlot, Pine Green, Yellow, Olive Green. Long sleeve P2p 22", Sleeve 34", Length 29". Colors: Port, Soft White. All in good condition with years of wear left in them.
9D795F0F-09AA-4CBA-89C8-1889E3E9C820.jpeg CADA0F42-056E-473A-8A6C-077ECCB167B3.jpeg 697A5C7F-8302-4AC1-9D99-2B236CC4C815.jpeg D79FD5C1-1AFC-4AE6-8A1B-43538AB66847.jpeg 77E2D4C2-B20E-4921-871B-45C78671D914.jpeg 33FD80DF-6E70-4DCF-92EF-DF8CDE89CA17.jpeg 263CD988-C7C6-4F8E-A5BE-536C334CD2E1.jpeg
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