Scarpe di Bianco Shoes?


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Has anybody had any experience with these shoes? They look absolutely beautiful, I like the lasts, and many are available with norvegese construction:

I can't seem to find any discussion of them, however. Thanks for any information you can provide.

Looking at the website, they remind me of Santoni, but more over the top. That's enough to turn off half the board. :) Some models look nice, but unless they undercut Santoni price-wise, not sure what the draw is. Who sells them?


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Looking at the website, they remind me of Santoni, but more over the top. That's enough to turn off half the board. :) Some models look nice, but unless they undercut Santoni price-wise, not sure what the draw is. Who sells them?

Did some more research. Short answer: diBianco = Settantatre Napoli = ex-Mantellassi "masters." Long answer follows.

I agree that some of the models are a little "exuberant," but I thought those were a small minority. The brogues are a bit zippy for my taste, and the monkstraps as well. But most of the Oxfords and all of the bluchers are pretty conservative, and I think the antiquing and colors are fantastic (based on the pictures, anyway). The "viola" and "nero fondente" oxfords are gorgeous, IMO.

According to Lance at Virtual Clothes Horse (where I heard about these), diBianco is a new venture by the former US rep for Mantellassi. You can contact Lance about prices, but the price he quoted me for a direct sale on the norvegese models was quite reasonable. I don't know if these are available anywhere else yet, but they've obviously put money into the website (which is in English), so I imagine they are gearing up to market here.

After I posted this question, I searched without the "Scarpe" and found a short thread at SF:

I followed up on that thread a little and discovered that "diBianco" is a recent name-change from "Settantatre Napoli," to accomodate the fact that non-Italians couldn't pronounce the old name. According to a post by "onix" on SF, Settantatre shoes are/were "made by former masters of Sutor Mantellassi at the same quality."

So I guess the answer to my question is that these are essentially a new shoe line from the "masters" who used to make high-end Mantellassis. If you like Mantellassis (I do), and assuming the quality is consistent or better (hard to tell from pictures, but those norvegese models look pretty darn good), then the discounted prices I have seen are very good--around half of what I think high-end Mantellassis (or Fatte a Mano Santonis) retail for.


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What was the price on a norvegese welted shoe? I can't imagine such a shoe could be made (in Italy) for under $1K.

If you learn where these are sold, let me know. I'd like to seek them up close and personal....


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Oops, Lance informs me that this was a promotional price that he can no longer offer. You'll have to contact him directly to get the current price.


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I know this is an old thread, but in case someone's searching for DiBianco shoes, Sky Valet Shoes in Washington, DC, just started carrying them. Here's the . Well worth a visit.


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I bought a pair of shoes from Scarpe di Bianco and I have to say the service was outstanding. They called me all the way in NZ to discuss the fit AND they emailed me photos of the shoes they were going to send so I could say yes or no depending on how I liked the patina. The shoes arrived today and they are gorgeous and incredibly comfortable. They came with felt bags and two free shoe horns (I think it was only meant to be one but another was hiding in one of the shoes). I can strongly recommend them.

These are the shoes on their site:

And these are the shoes that arrived - on my feet. They are darker than the photos because of the lighting but they do have the same base color as the website. They remind me a lot of a pair of museum calf Vass shoes I have actually - similar patina.

Saw that this old thread was resurrected and just wanted to let everyone know that ToBox in Philly is a retailer for the brand. Even if these shoes aren't your choice I highly recommend the shop. The also carry Carmina, Lobb, Moretti, RiderBoot, and some others, as well as a ton of nice accessories.
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jfrater, I think your shoes look very nice. I prefer how they look in your photo vs the one you linked to. Looking over the offerings on Scarpe di Bianco's website I do find many of the shoes too chiseled/elongated and burnished/patina'd (is that a word?). Certainly a bold look for those that like it.
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