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I got to meet Rishi, owner of The Dark Knot, who produces some fantastic neckties.


Here is Rishi with two of his beautiful neckties.

The Dark Knot provides luxurious 100% hand made silk ties across both woven and printed silk. They offer approximately 120 designs across a range of colors and patterns.

The Dark Knot offers contemporary hand-stitched woven and printed silk neckties of the highest quality.

The Dark Knot was founded on two principles

(1) Democratizing Luxury, and thereby making neckties of the highest quality affordable.

(2) Helping men dress stylistically. Hence, each necktie comes with a card with recommendations for matching suits and shirts.

Additionally, they feature a content rich blog that is geared towards helping aspiring Dapper Gentlemen find their sense of style.

The packaging is outstanding. Perfect for a gift.

Here we are in Hong Kong with Patrick of W. W. Chan examining the inner workings of one of the neckties while Andy from Hiras looks on.

The Dark Knot offers contemporary hand stitched woven and printed silk ties of the highest quality. But they are very reasonable.

The vast majority of The Dark Knot's ties are available in three product lines very reasonably priced! Standard only US $55 / Luxury only US $69 / Premium only US $85. All with free shipping globally.

The Dark Knot offers both woven and printed silk ties in a range of patterns including: Solids, Stripes, Neats, Abstracts, Plaids and Animal Prints. All of their ties come in two lengths, 58 inches (recommended for men up to 6'1 /1.85m) and 63 inches (recommended for men 6'1 /1.85m and over). For men who are around 5'11 / 6'0 /1.80m, but are of broader build and / or enjoy wearing more intricate tie knots such as the Full Windsor, longer length ties are recommended.



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I think this company also sponsored a video on Real Men Real Style. The owner of the RMRS is also a clothier, so I'd say to give these guys a shot!


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Thank you all for your comments and feedback

Thank you all for your comments. I am Rishi Chullani, owner of The Dark Knot. I had the privilege of meeting Andy in Hong Kong and it was an absolute pleasure. I know, not wearing a tie seems out of place considering my company offers them, but I viewed meeting Andy as meeting someone down to earth and friendly. Ties are often associated with more formal settings. I don't like to scream 'buy my product'. My friends often ask me why I don't wear my ties more. The simple answer is I don't like being that guy that is in people's face about my product. When the occasion arises, or I feel like dressing more dapper for an event, such as a date or for a friend's birthday, I will most definitely wear one of my ties!

I would hope that the website and the content that we provide through our extensive blog would do this. My goal really is to help men enjoy dressing better. Ties confused me for the longest time, as I simply did not know what to wear them with. With diligent research and learning to dress better after having been in the corporate world for approximately 10 years prior to starting The Dark Knot, I started to refine this sense of dress. A huge component of our brand is to help men with matching ties to their suits and shirts. I honestly believe that it's all about the customer experience. Anyone can create good quality product.

Andy has been kind enough to review my ties and I would like to thank him for that. To be honest, as someone who has not been heavily involved in this forum in the past, Andy was very approachable and an honest gentleman to speak with. After having met him, I'm glad I didn't wear a tie! I felt like I was hanging out with a friend the entire time. Easy conversation and a true gentleman. Thank you Andy for having provided me with the opportunity to sit down, discuss men's style and just have a really good conversation!

And yes, we were recently reviewed by Real men Real Style. Antonio's understanding and analysis of our product was very comprehensive.

Thank you all for your feedback. I'd be happy to answer any questions, specifically about matching ties to suits and shirts or other neckwear related questions that I'll do my best to answer.

Thanks again.




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You'd think Mr. Rishi would be wearing a tie!
Yes, you would. Noboday has one of the ties on on the photos! But. I'll try one anyway. Any feeback on the fabric levels? I'm going to try a basic at $55.

Would be nice if they included matching pocket squares...


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Need some feedback please!!! Anyone purchase yet? What do you think. And if you haven't ordered one of these great neckties - why not???


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Would be nice if they included matching pocket squares...
Surely you do not mean a pocket square in the same colour and pattern as a tie? Or do you mean a pocket square that would compliment the tie?

Need some feedback please!!! Anyone purchase yet? What do you think. And if you haven't ordered one of these great neckties - why not???
They've certainly got it right with the 3.25" width. However most of the patterns are a bit busy for me (multi-stripes, busy patterns) and the surfaces appear somewhat shiny, which is what most department store ties look like. Plus at this price point I generally look at Kamakura's ties ($50 on their Japanese site) or higher-end ties that have gone on sale at the end of the season.
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