The introduction of a possible new Shoe addict.


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This forum is so informative. With such overwhelming amounts of excellent advise, I've never really had a need to ask questions or add to the conversation for that matter. It is one of my favorite forums to travel. It is filled with useful threads of clothing information, as well as everything else imaginable to be true gentleme. Being a fly on the wall is easy. Having such an excellent resource at my fingertips is amazing and I am appreciative of everyone whom truly contribute. Style is such a great craft and its great to see so many craftsmen in one space. I am now entering that time in my life that i enjoy the small detail as well as the process to learn them. So i guess what better time to introduce myself.

I was born and raised in Florida, The Daytona area specifically. This gave me the opportunity to find a love for style at a young age. Getting to see older men whom knew how to put themselves together well had me intrigued. My step father didn't put at lot of time into his wardrobe so not a lot of information was passed down in that regard. When i was around 14, our parents decided to move my sister and I out west. Not much after this crazy move my parents separated. As i aged and the responsibilities became overwhelming as the man of the house, i lost touch with the need to dress well. I attempted to dress well throughout my teens as much as i could, but that had slowly tapered off to being an adult who took on the american lifestyle. The Pants and T's followed.

Fast forward to the present. For the last few years, i have been trying to get back to appreciate the feeling of being well put together. Living in the Rocky Mountains is truly amazing but i would change one thing about small town living. The towns "style" is not really existent. Living in Utah does allows you to see plenty of people in there "Sundays best" but the majority of this is just a regurgitation of the next. They can be very robotic here, not a lot of room for personality. It seems to be frowned appon. This is what has led me to you fantastic group of people.

In getting sidetracked like always, i shoul shoot to the question that has got me here introducing myself. When i was a young i broke my femur bone. This left me in traction for a few weeks that led into a half body cast for months. I was young enough to not remember a lot of it but it has left me with a lower half that is far from straight. My left leg is now significantly shorter. When i was around 15 i started to have hip problems and the doctor told me what was up. The fix was this 15 cent wedge in the heal of my left shoe. I wore this off and on threw out my teens but never an always thing. For the last 10 years, I have been getting way more into my personal health and have been noticing the effects of assuming i could just "live with it". So with my gym routine in check, i have learned how important it is to have my hips in alignment.

When it comes to gym shoes or boots, wearing an extra insole in one shoe is an easy fix. The challenge arises when i try and wear shoes that are lower. The rise needed on my left side needs to be at leasst 3/16 to a 1/4 inch. This is just enough to put my heel a little high in the rear pocket of the shoe. I am on the mission now to get my shoes a little more professional while keeping my hips in check but also have somewhat limited funds. Looking for solutions that aren't going to break the bank. I would assume i could have custom soles made but maybe there is an easier solution? Investing in a weeks worth of AE's as well as fixing this rise just seems unobtainable.
Do brands exists that would possibly allow me to wear a shim? I have seen AE offers shoes that allow the use of custom insoles but am assuming they will not resolve my heel lift issue. I do appreciate a higher arch support and wear inserts to accomidate but am unsure if its the lack of arch support, the uneven heights, or both that make my knees and hips ache. I wore a Donald J Pliner driving shoe all day to work yesterday without anything and it had the outside of my knees screaming last night. I keep myself in great shape, but these issues are making me realize I've got to get a handle on it before it causes lifelong damage.

I apologize for the long post and am appreciative if you've made it thus far. The information on these forums is so helpful and i would like to thank everyone involved.



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First and foremost, welcome to AAAC. As have so many of us, I'm sure you will enjoy and benefit sartorially from your involvement with this ever creative and talented group.

Regarding your question, given the medical history you shared, have you consulted a Podiatrist about the concerns/question you ask in your opening post? That might provide you with a better informed answer in the present instance.


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Chukkas are a bit more forgiving of internal heel lifts due to their construction. However, you ought to be able to bring any dress shoe to a cobbler and have him make one heel higher than the other. After all, a stacked leather heel is built out of several layers, it's no big thing to add a few layers to one.
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