The Sixth Annual Collection of Sartorial Excellence 2010 - PHOTO WRAP-UP and RAFFLE WINNERS


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Unfortunately, the weather isn't looking too shoe-friendly. Seems to be an annual tradition.

I'm in a unique position since I'm at the Hotel and not walking in the rain/snow to get to CSE! But for the days I come in, leave and walk around Manhattan - I just finished putting a second layer of WAX! on some dark brown Alden's!

Alexander Kabbaz

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Unfortunately, the weather isn't looking too shoe-friendly. Seems to be an annual tradition.
It is an annual tradition! That's why everyone hangs out drinking champagne and avoiding the #&$^#%$ weather outside! Whilst playing with cashmere scarves and fur-lined lambskin gloves. :devil:


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You frequent flyer's would be proud of me! I packed two suits, three shirts, one pair of shoes, toiletries, one odd trousers, two neckties and pocket squares into one carry-on!!

Thank goodness the hotel has an iron/ironing board!!!

The other "carry-on" has Koji's CD's, and my computer!

Note the Suite change on the first Post!!


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It's snowing in NYC -big time with BIG snow flakes!! Lots of fun.

I unpacked my two wrinkled suits last night and hung them up. The Chan suit was just folded but the suit was folded (wadded! :eek:) and put into one of those travel sacks that you roll all the air out of making the suit the thickness of a piece of paper (slight exaggeration :icon_smile_big:).

We went to the Monkey Bar for dinner (walked the 7 blocks there and back). This morning the Chan suit was almost wrinkle free!!! :eek:

And the suit was in good shape. Some ironing of shirts and steaming of the suits this morning and I'm ready. Except the iron seems to be limited to 5 bursts of steam and then it goes off. Just took longer!


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Unfortunately, my flights were cancelled to NYC both yesterday and today, so no Sartorial Excellence for me. I'm really disappointed, but I hope everyone who can make it has a great time.


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Soon trekking toward Manhattan.

Have reread Jack London's "To Build A Fire" for examples of What Not To Do.

Hope to see you later today...or tomorrow...or perhaps you'll read about me come Spring.


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We (including those of us from sunny California) have indeed survived. Kudos to those who have braved the elements and made the trek!

It was a great day with master bespoke shoe maker Perry Ercolino, master shirt ironer Bruce, Alex with a detailed autopsy of the engineering of a shirt, and the infamous Jon Green dissecting the bespoke suit.

Great seeing all of you (most of who want to come back tomorrow) - we had way too much fun today.

Especially enjoyed talking to "Master Cleaner" Stu from Rave Fabric Care ( He knows cleaning!!


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You're killing me. I just had to cancel my train reservation. Thank you Mother (Nature). I could make it down there but the mess I would be coming back to makes it ill-advised. Think of me while you're lounging by the fire, sipping scotch, smoking cigars, rolling in cashmere, wrapped in silk robes and enjoying your warm toasty shoes. I'll be the wet miserable one shoveling snow.

Have some extra fun for me.
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I have to say it was a pleasure to meet everyone yesterday and a great learning experience. I now have a better understanding of what I am paying for and I may have to get a second job to afford what my newly acquired knowledge has convinced me I need. ☺ I will be looking forward to the Seventh event.

I am now going to shovel out my car. There is a three-foot wall of frozen snow blocking me in. Sometime during the night they plowed my street and the little wall formed by the plow froze solid. I usually park on the left side of the street to avoid this problem but they came up the one way the wrong way. That will teach me to try and out smart Sanitation.

I would like to thank everyone who took the time to answer my questions. A special thanks to Alex and Andy for making it happen.

Regards to all,



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I have to owe much to clean living - and have to change my ways soon! :icon_smile_big: But my wife and I flew into NYC on a nice sunny day and flew back to Los Angeles on a beautiful day just after the fourth worst blizzard on record for New York City.

And we got to LA one hour early! :confused:

We had a great time. It's just so much fun to talk to fellow Forum Members in person (and see what they're wearing). The vendors were also incredible this year. Robert of RVR ties, Jon Green and Perry Ercolino are not only wonderful people but passionate about their products and willing to take time to educate us about them. I learned a lot!

We had outstanding help with the CSE this year in the persons of Conrad and Daniel. Two perfect young gentlemen who just happen to be the sons of Joelle and Alex (Tucker their youngest son was there handing all the behinds the scenes business!). They were helpful, smart and perfectly dressed.

THANKS Conrad and Daniel.

And thanks Damien, Alex's oldest son for his photography and talking me into a Courvoisier after dinner Saturday night. I think I only had one ;).

More in a bit, but I didn't check my e-mail yesterday and there are 400 messages (mostly gentlemen trying to register for the Forum but forgot to put in their location information or didn't tell me about their gmail)!!


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Bruce the wonder ironer!! We wonder how he does it!

And famous men's fashion author and aficionado G. Bruce Boyer (who was just feeling a little "out of focus" that day!

Thanks to Tom Osher for the photos and check out his cufflinks on his website:

Alexander Kabbaz

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Between 24" of snow and 42 large cartons arriving late - in one of which are the cameras - we're running a bit behind! The post-show wrapup, raffle results, artisans thoughts, and photos will be posted this weekend. A quick thank you to all who braved the snow and made our 6th annual the most pleasurable yet. I must say, the change from Lobb, Cleverly, and AE to Vasque, Timberland, and Sorrell was certainly interesting!


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Mr. Boyer proves that spread collars and ticket pockets look fine with a 3/2 sack. Fantastic. It's too bad he doesn't post here.

Alexander Kabbaz

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A Collection of Sartorial Excellence is a small, private exposition of some of the finest men's and women's clothing, furnishings, and accessories available. Over the years, Sartorial Excellence has become the focal point and annual gathering of top-quality clothing afficionados, industry insiders, a number of the artisans whose creations are on display ... as well as many friends who first met online or at one of the previous annual Collections.

Sartorial Excellence began as - and remains - an educational event. In all probability you've spent many hours here at AskAndyAboutClothes trying to learn about various aspects of sartorial competence. Words and pictures are good, but when it comes to learning about the many aspects of clothing, nothing is as good as seeing, touching and asking in-person. Sartorial Excellence fills that void.

Here is a short wrapup of a few of the many Sixth Annual C.S.E. seminar sessions:

Seminar Host
R. Andrew Gilchrist

Beyond the Basics: A Shoe Compendium
The Makers - A Style & Quality Comparison
John Cusey, Sr. Moderator and Renowned Shoe Expert

[SIZE=-1]Founder Andy Gilchrist and Sr. Moderator John Cusey hard[/SIZE][SIZE=-2]LY[/SIZE] [SIZE=-1]at work.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=-1]"Gosh darn it Andy, those shoes were heavy." "I know John. But that's nothing in comparison to opening the front door!"[/SIZE]​

The Basics and Beyond: Proper Suit Fitting
Jon Green, Fine Custom Clothier

As usual, Jon performed in his favorite role as professor of sartorial excellence.

A Master's Technique: Drafting a Bespoke Shirt Pattern
Cutting and Sewing Matched-Pattern Bespoke Shirts
A Hands-on Real-time Demonstration
Alexander Kabbaz, Bespoke Shirtmaker,

This was a fun session. Having spent the previous day slogging through the 24" of snow, erecting shelving, and unpacking cartons, our shutterbug overslept. The students learned, from the taking of measurments to the final draughting of the shirt collar, how the two-dimensional paper pattern is created with the goal of creating a three-dimensional object.

A Master's Technique: Bespoke Shoes are a Reflection of the Wearer
Which Style(s) Are Right For You?
Perry Ercolino, Bespoke Shoemaker

[SIZE=-1]Perry Ercolino, the current generation of a family history of bespoke shoemakers, [/SIZE]
[SIZE=-1]offered a wealth of technical and esthetic guidance on the subject.[/SIZE]​

[SIZE=-1]What you see offers the beauty and style. An alternative view (right) from below looks deeper into the shoemaker's art.[/SIZE]​

Beyond the Seminars

In addition to the scheduled edicational sessions, the artisans and makers of the 6th Annual C.S.E. offered constant advice and answered attendees questions during the entire two day shoW.

[SIZE=-1]RVR's Robert Valdes Rodriguez offers Andy Gilchrist a bit of help in selecting from the myriad of beautiful handmade ties until ....[/SIZE]​

[SIZE=-1]... Gilchrist finds a wonderful purple Lavlane Classic stripe.[/SIZE]​

The leather outerwear by Donati~Florence was spectacular. In the following photos, artisan Christopher Tattanelli (left), Donati's pattern maker, explains his family's philosophy. "Our school of style is to work with the finest lambskin from the point-of-view that leather can be created like fabric. All of our techniques use the finer methods of working with cloth and apply these principles to the creation of lambskin." Tattanelli, whose sister Jennifer fills the role of designer for their spectacular array of men's and women's outerwear, came in from Florence to educate about the unique line.

[SIZE=-1]One exceptional feature of the Donati brand, besides the fact that it is custom-made, [/SIZE]
[SIZE=-1]lies in this lamb-as-fabric design. As Christopher explains here, this allows the making of [/SIZE]
[SIZE=-1]the world's only fully-canvassed leather garments, a feature unique to the Donati clothing.[/SIZE]​

As always, discussions of fine clothing tradition, history, and "the future" continued non-stop throughout the show.

[SIZE=-1]Joelle Kelly, master shirtmaker and owner of CustomShirt1, discusses what lies ahead with Departures Magazine's Mark van de Walle. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=-1]Both look on in approval at ...[/SIZE]​

[SIZE=-1]... Kabbaz-Kelly's Bruce Negrycz discussing jacket construction with the next Kabbaz generation[/SIZE]
[SIZE=-1]in the person of Damien Kabbaz (the "I overslept" shutterbug from above). [/SIZE]
[SIZE=-1]Younger brother Conrad Kabbaz, always the best dressed, supervises from the other side of the room.[/SIZE]​

The exhibitors and artisans of the Sixth Annual A Collection of Sartorial Excellence:
- Premier Men's Online Forum

Donati-Firenze Leather
- Custom-made Italian Leather Jackets & Coats

Perry Ercolino, Shoemaker
- Fine Bespoke and Made-to-Measure Shoes

[SIZE=-1]Donati's Christopher Tattanelli shows the canvassing of lambskin while Perry Ercolino explains [/SIZE]
[SIZE=-1]bespoke shoemaking to investment guru Professor Lew Altfest.[/SIZE]​

[SIZE=-1]Sarah, our lead Donati, Begg, and Zimmerli model, was unable to make it in from Berlin due to the snow ... [/SIZE]
[SIZE=-1]but was certainly present in spirit! [/SIZE]
[SIZE=-1]Sarah is wearing Donati's unique, reversible Nehru-collar women's blazer in brown.[/SIZE]​

Scott & Charters
- Custom-made and RTW Scottish Cashmere Sweaters

Begg of Scotland Luxury Cashmere
- World's Finest Scarves & Throws

[SIZE=-1]Demonstrating her versatility, Sarah models Begg of Scotland's stunning Arran cashmere[/SIZE]
[SIZE=-1]in Shell Pink, Flannel Grey, and Regal Red.[/SIZE]​

Jon Green New York
- Fine Custom Clothiers
- Luxury Furnishings and Accessories

[SIZE=-1]In addition to their virtually endless selection of hand-rolled silk pocket squares, Kabbaz-Kelly's featured [/SIZE]
[SIZE=-1]Zimmerli of Switzerland's merino sweaters and pajamas, the wide range of custom-made Donati leather outerwear, [/SIZE]
[SIZE=-1]and the fabulous men's and women's Italian lambskin gloves from Alpo Guanti.[/SIZE]​

Ulster Linen
- Hand-Rolled Irish Linen Handkerchiefs

Bresciani 1970
- Custom-made and Stock Luxury Socks

Alpo Guanti, Glovers
- Exquisite Italian Gloves for Men and Women

- Fine Custom Shirtmakers

Zimmerli of Switzerland Women's
- Luxury Women's Intimates, Pajamas, Loungewear, and Outerwear

- Exquisite hand-made Italian neckties

- Italian Wool, Silk & Cashmere Scarves

- Luxury Men's and Women's Socks

[SIZE=-1]The array of more than 2,000 styles of men's socks was incredible ...[/SIZE]​

[SIZE=-1]... and the women's range wasn't far behind.[/SIZE]​

Wurkin Stiffs
- Magnetic Collar Stays

Zimmerli of Switzerland
- Men's Underwear, Sweaters, Polos, Pajamas, Loungewear

And what would this show have been without an opportunity to grab some of the luxury clothing ... for free? Over the years, the Collection of Sartorial Excellence Raffle has become somewhat of an eagerly anticipated focal-point. Every ticket-holder automatically received one raffle entry. Additionally, each purchase made from one of the show's artisans netted another raffle entry.
Congratulations to all of the winners!


[SIZE=+2]Grand Prize[/SIZE]
[SIZE=-2]Donated by Zimmerli Of Switzerland and - Valued at $2500+[/SIZE]​

[SIZE=+1]His and Hers Mega-Package: An Entire Week of Zimmerli of Switzerland[/SIZE]
[SIZE=+1]Winner: Dean Ayer[/SIZE]

A Most Exclusive Zimmerli package consisting of a special assortment of seven men's shirts, seven women's shirts & camisoles,
seven men's briefs or boxers, seven women's panties, a women's Eternity Swiss Cotton nightshirt pajama,
and a pair of men's Filo di Scozia cotton pajamas**​

[SIZE=+1]First Prize [/SIZE]
[SIZE=-2]Donated by Kabbaz-Kelly Fine Custom Clothiers - Valued at $2000+[/SIZE]​

[SIZE=+1]Two Kabbaz-Kelly Made-to-Measure Woman's or Man's Shirts of Choice[/SIZE]
[SIZE=+1]Winner: Mori Goto[/SIZE]

Choose from a selection of more than 3000 top-quality Swiss and Italian fabrics made in any style of dress shirt ***​

[SIZE=+1]Second Prize[/SIZE]
[SIZE=-2]Donated by Donati-Firenze and - Valued at $1550+[/SIZE]​

[SIZE=+1]Hers or His Custom-made Leather Outerwear: [/SIZE]
[SIZE=+1]Woman's Belted Leather Jacket or Men's Reversible Leather/Suede Blazer[/SIZE]
[SIZE=+1]Winner: Stuart Schwartz[/SIZE]

For Her: Custom-made Leather Jacket with set-in pockets and matching belt in a choice of 15 fashionable colors ***
For Him: A beautiful patch pocketed, unconstructed styling, custom-made blazer of reversible leather suede
in a choice of 10 exquisite & tasteful colors ***​

[SIZE=+1]Third Prize[/SIZE]
[SIZE=-2]Donated by Marcoliani-Milano and - Valued at $600+[/SIZE]​

[SIZE=+1]His and Hers Mega-Package: An Entire Week of Luxury Socks![/SIZE]
[SIZE=+1]Winner: Winthrop Baum[/SIZE]

An exclusive assortment of Men's Cashmere, Women's Cashmere, Men's Merino, Women's Merino, Men's Cotton,
Women's Cotton, Men's Sport, Women's Sport, ... a complete array of 14 fabulous pairs
of assorted Dress, Casual, Luxe, and Sport socks for Him and for Her **​

[SIZE=+1]Fourth Prize[/SIZE]
[SIZE=-2]Donated by Scott & Charters and - Valued at $495 (Men's) $395 (Women's)[/SIZE]​

[SIZE=+1]A Fabulous Luxury Cashmere Cardigan Sweater[/SIZE]
[SIZE=+1]Winner: Linda Orhun[/SIZE]

Made-in-Scotland of the World's Finest Cashmere
For Her: Lightweight Dress Cardigan **
For Him: Mid-Weight Cardigan in color Natural
Add a bit of luscious warmth to your Winter! **​

[SIZE=+1]Fifth Prize[/SIZE]
[SIZE=-2]Donated by RVR and - Valued at $395[/SIZE]​

[SIZE=+1]24kt. Gold and Navy Silk Necktie[/SIZE]
[SIZE=+1]Winner: Anthony Scaffidi[/SIZE]

Beautiful and exclusive Made-in-Italy of 24kt Gold and Navy Silk yarns, Basketweave Necktie - a Unique Conversation Piece! *​

[SIZE=+1]Sixth Prize[/SIZE]
[SIZE=-2]Donated by American Sember Trading Corp. - Valued at $300+[/SIZE]​

[SIZE=+1]His or Hers Ultrafine Swiss Shirtings[/SIZE]
[SIZE=+1]Winner: Julian Yap[/SIZE]

From Alumo of Switzerland, the world's finest shirting mill, a shirt-length cut of the latest 2x2 200s broadcloth
and shirt-length cut of the new 3x3 160s broadcloth. **​

[SIZE=+1]Seventh Prize[/SIZE]
[SIZE=-2]Donated by Alpo Guanti and - Valued at $185+[/SIZE]​

[SIZE=+1]His or Hers Package: Italian Lambskin Cabretta Gloves[/SIZE]
[SIZE=+1]Winner: Naomi Goodman[/SIZE]

Beautiful and exclusive Made-in-Italy, luscious, soft Lambskin Cabretta
For Her: Semi-opera Length Cashmere-lined in color Rosso
For Him: Fur-lined Dress Gloves in color Arancio.
Add a bit of splash to your dash! **​

[SIZE=+1]Ninth and Tenth Prizes[/SIZE]
[SIZE=-2]Donated by Andy Gilchrist - Valued at $100+ each[/SIZE]​

[SIZE=+1]A Pair of AskAndy Hand-enameled Cuff Links [/SIZE]
[SIZE=+1]Winners: Jordan Brackett & Philippe Becker[/SIZE]


Beautiful Links from England in the Traditional Style **​

[SIZE=+1]Tenth thru Eighteenth Prizes[/SIZE]
[SIZE=-2]Donated by - Valued at $140+ each[/SIZE]
Note: This was originally to be four prizes.
As our thanks for braving the incredible snowstorm,
we doubled the number of socks prizes.
Thanks for coming out!​

[SIZE=+1]Exclusive Grab-Bags of Swiss and Italian Men's or Women's (Winner's Choice) Socks[/SIZE]
[SIZE=+1]Winners: [/SIZE]
[SIZE=+1]J.T.Stewart ~ Emily Thompson ~ Lewis Altfest[/SIZE]
[SIZE=+1]Aaron Schloff ~ Michael Falsetta ~ Erik Noble[/SIZE]
[SIZE=+1]Mark Seitelman ~ G.Bruce Boyer ~ Jesse Bayker[/SIZE]

Each Including Five Pairs of assorted dress and/or casual luxury socks by Zimmerli, Bresciani, Pantherella, and/or Marcoliani **​

** These items will be shipped to the winner following the event
*** These items are custom-made and will be shipped to the winner 8-12 weeks after the event
Photos shown are stock examples for illustrative purposes only. Actual prizes may vary from the photos.

See you next year!


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Unbelievable! :confused: I can't understand why once again I didn't win any prizes. 6 years now!

Oh, I'm not allowed entry into the raffle since I'm one of the sponsors?

Never mind! :icon_smile_big:

Those of you attendees who received the AskAndy pen/flashlight and haven't yet figured out how they work (it takes a degree in engineering!) -- remove the cap and the "collar" around the bulb on the flashlight end. Then just push down on the bulb to activate the light.

The other end is the pen and I hope you understand that one.


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I cant believe I nailed it on the first try!

Thanks to you and Alex for hosting the CSE it was VERY informative. Any tie, sock, shoe, suit or shirt question you might have ever had could get an answer in that room by an industry pro. I also enjoyed just talking with the attendees, I was surprised by how varied the group was and like many I am drooling just thinking about Perry Ercolino's RTW shoe line!
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