V neck or crew neck sweaters?


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When I wear sweaters I usually wear them alone (I wear a lot of v neck tees though). I was just wondering what style I should have more of.


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Depends on what you're wearing underneath. V-neck is better with a buttoned collar and tie, crew layered over a T-shirt. I have both.

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I wear both, even though I prefer the look of crews. V-neck shows off a collared shirt better, but crew neck works with collared shirts also, it's just a different look, and one that I usually prefer unless there is something about the shirt I want to show off. In pure cashmere I prefer v-necks however, don't know why that makes a difference to me.


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It depends on the use but it's mostly just individual preference. I wear crew necks, even with ties, when I want to keep warm. If I'm layering under a sport coat, I'll opt for a v-neck some of the time (crew neck is still my preference).


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If we count sweater vests, as well as our 'fully sleeved' sweaters, I guess my V-necks out number the crew necks, but I do like and regularly wear both designs. The sweater vests are just so convenient and comfortably warming under the odd sport coat(s) and occasionally under suit coats, that they are frequently irresistible!


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80/20 for V necks.

They simply are more versatile - and can be dressed up or down more easily.

Crew necks are fine on colder days with a turtle neck or simply a t shirt under. But the whole shirt collar under a crew neck things looks and feels too constricting imo.


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I prefer the V-neck look over crewneck majority of the time and my closet stays true to this. Personal preference and I agree with previous comments that I don't like how the crewneck hides the collars/ties.


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I own and have owned more crew necks but really prefer either V's for over a shirt or turtlenecks as garments on their own under a coat. I agree with mrkleen's comment about crews being restrictive and am unlikely to buy any others. Sweater vests, though, I need more of, lots more.


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It really depends on your personal preferences. I do not find a crewneck paired with a collared shirt to be restrictive/constraining, so that is my preference to wear without a tie. With a tie, I prefer v-necks. I have trouble pulling off the 'trad' look of a collared shirt and tie under a crewneck. The sweater keeps coming up over the tie, making me look like some kind of priest. On the other hand, I think v-necks without ties look weird, they show too much of the shirtfront and seem unbalanced without the tie. Try both and see what you like/makes you comfortable!
Is it also coincidence that your avatar on SF is a closeup of a crewneck sweater?

At least I'm consistent. :icon_viking:

No, I keep thinking of buying v-neck sweaters, but I'd almost always rather wear a tailored jacket when I'm shooting for that level of formality.

Also, I left that avatar up so long that it came back into season.


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Crewneck, with a shirt under it. Can't stand the look of a sweater without a shirt under it.
I do not find a crewneck paired with a collared shirt to be restrictive/constraining, so that is my preference to wear without a tie. With a tie, I prefer v-necks.
Emphatic agreement with both these comments.
I think v-necks without ties look weird, they show too much of the shirtfront and seem unbalanced without the tie.
I don't think they look weird, but agree that with a tie they look better.
For some years now, the v-neck has been very shallow indeed, with not much difference from a crew-neck; but the two are distinct.


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Just aesthetically, I prefer v-necks preferably shallow ones. I think the balance of the v with face and shoulders is better. Nothing wrong with either, of course.

david calvin

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The look here surely evokes the easy-going yet sophisticated imagery. Such quality and craftsmanship surely won't come at a drop in the bucket prices. Something similar which I came across recently was a cashmere chain link sweater by Mercy&Loyal.

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I like crewnecks for heavier "outdoor" sweaters like Shetlands and ragg wool.

For the thinner, dressier sweaters such as lambswool and cashmere, I prefer a V-neck. I never wear a tie with a sweater. It's just a personal preference with no particular rational behind it.

I used to wear only crewnecks but my preference has changed over the years. When I was a young man, I thought V-necks were just wrong. Why? I have no idea! Perhaps I read something in the Official Preppy Handbook when I was a kid.
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I'm voting for the V-neck as well, but I wear crew-necks sometimes.

In general I wear crew necks only if they are made in chunky fabric, a finer fabric wouldn't appeal me a lot if not in V-neck. And a less thick sweater is definitely more versatile for me.

Also one of the reasons I avoid crew-necks is thtat most of the times they fit awkwardly around my skinny neck. I hate when there is a huge gap between neck, shirt and sweater. The crew-neck makes this gap to appear more obvious if the neckline is too wide.


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Also in agreement that I prefer v neck for dressier, fiber fabric sweaters like cashmere. But for thicker bulkier fabric like cotton (and for my Shetland wool sweaters) that I might wear more like a fancy sweatshirt over a polo shirt I generally prefer crewneck.


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The idea of a sweatshirt is to sweat. The crew neck will insulate you more than the V neck and will thus serve the sweatshirts' purpose.

On the other hand, the v-neck should be worn only if you will be wearing a tie, since the tie will serve as filler for the missing fabric needed for the sweatshirt to be complete.
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