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Hello, Gregor,

Do you still have that Hoggs tattersall? I haven't seen that it's been sold.

I don't need the rugby shirt, but I'd like the tattersall if you'll sell it separately. What would you like for it?

Thanks and best wishes,

- Allan

Took your advice. Found the pan and SOS pad(ed) the heck out of it. Put veg. oil all over the pan and after wiping it off lightly covered it in some of the same paper towels that I used to oil it.

Will give it another chance tomorrow. Forgot to mention that I used it once, and then the second time I used it to cook a steak on the range at high heat and the pan burst into flames! 🔥🧯 And then it rusted!
Very best of luck! If you just use it with a bit of oil, fat, or butter, soak it in water (no soap) after use, scrub it with a nylon scrubby or chain mail scrubber, rinse it, and dry it on a burner it will just get better. I got stymied by the 420 character limit. Email is [email protected]
RE: the 420 limit - Me too! ??
I'll keep you up to date.
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With very few exceptions you buy the size that fits your largest dimension. It is much easier to reduce than to let out. (In shirts there is virtually no shoulder outlet,)
In your 16 1/2 shirts do the shoulders still fit? If they do you can reduce the body.

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