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Certainly nothing wrong with being a Hober fan. His product is very good. We use the same sources for Grenadine. I only offer length variation and small width variation.
My made by hand in the in our NYC facility Grenadine is 67.75 including shipping to any address in the USA. There is a $10 charge for variation from our "stock" tie.
I invite you to visit chippneckwear.com

212 687-0850 cell 203 559-7653
Good to know. Thank you!
I prefer the blue.
Visit my site - chippneckwear.com - and look at our blue hand made in the USA Grenadine tie. It will work and cost you less than 1/2 the price.
Paul Winston
212 687-0850 cell 203 559-7653
call Izzy at LS - 212 547-0933 49West 45th

If you want a tie for the special day, visit my site - chippneckwear.com
The blue diamond tie will hit the mark with a navy suit and light blue shirt !

Paul Winston 212 687-0850 cell 203 559-7653
With a solid suit you need a tie that has some interest. I invite you to look at the Ancient Madder ties on my site - www.chippneckwear.com.
Our Madder ties are made in the USA using silk printed in England.
Even with the cost of shipping my prices are tough to beat.

Paul Winston 212 687-0850 cell 203 559-7653