Deo Veritas: Custom Shirts Fast!

Deo Veritas is an online custom shirt maker that delivers a completely custom shirt as little as five days. In this article, we dive into their history, their process, their product line, and what makes them unique in this space.

About Deo Veritas

Launched in 2007, Deo Veritas is one of the longest-running players in the e-commerce men’s shirting market. The company was started to solve a common problem- most men have a least something amiss with an off-the-rack dress shirt. Some have one shoulder a little higher than the other; others have very long arms.

Getting the fit right is just the first part of the equation, though. Deo Veritas values design, a clean aesthetic and a seamless user experience. This is unique among direct-to-consumer companies.

And, they offer one of the fastest shipping times in the industry, with the ability to turn a shirt around in as little as five days!

The Deo Veritas Experience

Step One: Measurements

Deo Veritas, like many players in this space, allow customers to dial in their fit a few different ways.

  • Standard shirt sizing: Simply take your off-the-rack shirt size (e.g. 16/34 or M) and put it in. It takes under a minute! But, as brands do have different size standards, the fit may vary.
  • Measure your body: Have your tailor or a friend (maybe your tailor is a friend!) measure various points, like sleeve, chest, biceps, and wrist. The process takes 7-10 minutes, and there’s a video guide if you need it. It requires a measuring tape, and has a high/very high fit accuracy.
  • Measure a shirt: The most accurate method the company offers. Simply follow the measurements on your best-fitting shirt, and they’ll duplicate it exactly. The whole process only takes five minutes, and you’re done!
  • Q-sizing: If you’re in for something new, try out Q-sizing, Deo Veritas’ algorithm. In under a minute and in 10 questions, they can generate the type of shirt that will fit you. No measuring tape; no hassle.

Step Two: Design

So, you’ve got your fit picked out. Now comes the fun part: design! Here, you have a choice as well. You can select from a range of pre-styled options, or you can create your own.

Deo Veritas has over 200 swatches to choose from in classics weaves like twill, poplin, and flannel, and more contemporary ones like a unique chambray. Fabrics also range from mainstay cotton to creative bamboo. Cloth starts at $75 and escalates to a luxurious Soktas fabric for $225.

Deo Veritas Shirts

With fabric selected, the details really get exciting. Deo Veritas offers:

  • A whopping 18 different styles, including a one-piece ‘Cooper’ Collar
  • Eleven cuffs varieties, including one of the few cocktail cuffs we’ve seen
  • Six plackets, including options for tuxedos
  • Over a dozen button colors
  • Fused or (especially interesting) sewn collars
Beautiful Cocktail Cuff Design!

And, the best part is you can see your design come to life in a high-resolution rendering. Shirt technology has come a long way!

The Deo Veritas Difference

It’s no secret the online market for men’s shirts is quite saturated. With a few clicks of a mouse and some basic information, you can have shirt delivered that blows the sleeves off of any boxy mall brand. So, how does a company like Deo Veritas stand out? We’ve found four ways.

Timeless Design: Deo Veritas may not have the largest selection of cloth in the industry, no do they have ulta-funky patterns. But, what they do have is a specialized, curated collection of classic styles that will look as good five years from now as they will tomorrow

Collar and Cuff styles: Such a curated collection of basic fabrics means you can get creative with the details. Where else are you going to find turnback cuffs like James Bond in ‘Dr. No’ for under $300?

Beautiful Rendering: Most online shirtmakers have some kind of rendering engine, but Deo Veritas’ is the best we’ve seen. The colors are crisp, clean, and the design aesthetic on the site is quite noteworthy

Ship time: It’s not uncommon for a shirt designed online to take 6-8 weeks to get to your down. Deo Veritas can do it in as little as five days. That’s incredible, especially when you factor in their guarantee of under 14 days.

Wrapping Up

Deo Veritas is a unique player at an exciting time in menswear. It’s tough to get noticed, but the design and speed of this company caught our eye. We’re proud to support them.

And, if you’d like more, be sure to check them out over on their official AAAC thread here.

Thanks for reading!