Focusers Eyewear Review

The online eyewear space is getting becoming increasingly saturated, with a variety of vendors literally competing for your eyes. Focusers Eyewear is looking to stand out from the crowd.

They offer attractive eyeglasses for men and women in modern and vintage styles.

What’s The Market Like?

To “frame” the market and where Focusers fits in it, let’s divide the online glasses space into two broad camps.

Traditional Retailer

On the one hand is essentially a traditional retailer with designer frames. They offer these frames at lower prices by allowing you to buy directly from a warehouse. You can then put your lens in later.

But, many of the “designer” frames you see at the optician are likely made by Luxottica, an Italian multinational.

Nearly all the major brands, including luxury ones like Tiffany and Chanel, outsource to them to make their glasses. It’s almost the same frame, just with a different logo and a huge price markup- even when you order online.

Trendy Upstarts

On the other is the “trendy upstart.” They’re young, hip, and affordable. But, some of their frame styles are quite loud.

They’ve also made sacrifices in build quality to hit their low price point.

And, when you think about it, is the young man with the hipster haircut really more of a sales associate than a trained optician?

Enter Focusers Eyewear

This is where Focusers Eyewear enter the picture.

They have been crafting classic eyeglasses for men and women since 1998. This is longer than many of the designer eyewear companies and certainly longer than the trendy upstart.

They get their name from the Focusers, what Benjamin Franklin called his bifocals.

Franklin also serves as an unofficial mascot for the company.

Inspired and Ingenious

You can sense Franklin’s ingenuity when searching their frame collection.

There are the round frames, the octagonal frames, metal, and molded acetate frames, similar to what some other retailers offer.

But then, you stumble across the statement-making Signature Rimless, The Bebops, and the Hemingway-inspired Farewells.

Behind every frame is a story and distinct inspiration from a particular point in time.  You realize there’s more to the story and that these are more than just eyewear; they’re works of art.

If you are feeling modern, you can go for the full-frame style CEO. These frames project confidence and clear-headed vision. Glasses for a Chief Executive, indeed.

Focusers Eyewear: Peabody-Pierce #8 Honey Demi Eyeglass Frames Front View

Feeling bookish? Take a look at the Peabody-Pierce Import.

The rounded frame and keyhole bridge lend an air of whimsy, but the polished finish keeps the frame elegant and ever-so-unique.

You can also get them with a sunglass/tint lens, available in 5 colors! Just don’t wear sunglasses when you’re going to court.

The Vintage Collection

Focusers Eyewear really shines in their Vintage collection. These frames take inspiration from the 18th, 19th, and early 20th Centuries.

The Windsor is modeled on Franklin’s original Focuser. The pewter version has been used by Civil War reenactors!

The Atticus was designed after Mr. Finch in Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird.

In keeping with the air of modern sensibility, they outfit the frames with advancements like spring hinges and lighter materials.

Windsors Metal Eyeglass Frames Set from Focusers Eyewear

Final Thoughts About Focusers Eyewear

The company offers lenses in strengths ranging from -7:00 to +3:00. They’re all made from optical quality CR-39 plastic polymer.

These are thinner and lighter than traditional glass lenses (which is great for the bridge of your nose!). Yet, they are still about 30% thicker than the budget readers you’d find in a drugstore.

The lenses also come in wide range of options, from single-vision reading glasses all the way up to progressive bifocals.

Focusers are also reimbursable by a number of insurance plans.

They are definitely worth checking out!