Eating & Drinking While Traveling


“Reminds me of my
safari in Africa  
somebody forgot the corkscrew
and for several days
we had to live on nothing
but food and water”

—  W. C. Fields


Eat light for several days before the flight.  This can help avoid jet lag, traveler’s constipation, and stomach problems.


Recent reports suggest that the best thing to eat on the plane is nothing!  Even in pressurized cabins the altitude makes our bodies swell up.

Remember the time you took your shoes off and couldn’t get them back on in time for landing?  Then when the plane lands our bodies contract.  If you have a full stomach this can cause severe abdomen distress.

It won’t hurt to take your own little bottle of water and maybe some canned juice, fruit, cheese, etc.  You’ll be prepared if the flight attendants go on strike or you’re stuck in an airport for a while (ever have to eat airport food?)   A little substance is a good idea to have in your hotel room anyway.


Whether you’re in Bordeaux or Paris, Texas eat  and drink what the locals are having. Stick with what a region know and does best.  This includes local customs as to when to eat.  (Big breakfast in England; Big lunch, “called dinner” in Kansas.)

Eat light.  We tend to overeat on trips and over pay.  Remember a little hunger improves both your senses and your budget.  If you’re traveling with others think about sharing appetizers or splitting the main course or desserts.

You may get to try more dishes for less money.

Try one picnic a day.  It’s fun to shop like a native in a local market. Cheese, fruit, bread and a little wine in a park or next to a chateau can mean a memorable meal.
Beware of famous name restaurants, are they resting on last years reviews and reputation?  Skip restaurants that don’t display their menu outside, and make sure you know the price of anything you order and refuse anything you haven’t ordered (like expensive bottled water) unless it’s clearly on the house.

But do have a splurge.  Treat yourself to a memorable meal in a nice restaurant.

Go for it – you deserve it.

— Andy  Gilchrist