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    contest Win MVST Select Premium Aluminum Luggage!! ENTER CONTEST HERE!

    The ALR aluminum carryon in ocean would be awesome to have!
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    contest High On Leather FREE Giveaway | 9 Awesome Prizes!!

    I really like #8, the handmade duffle bag. I would enjoy traveling with that!
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    Free Dress Shoes! Win A Moral Code $200 Gift Card

    I'm in the market for some new leather goods, and Moral Code looks interesting! Count this as my entry.
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    Bespoke Comparison: A. Caraceni vs Steed

    I enjoyed reading your review. I will probably never be able to avail myself to the services of a bespoke tailor, but it's nice to experience them vicariously through those who are able! Enjoy your new suit!
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    The ______ that started it all

    For me it was a MTM Southwick suit my senior year of college...navy chalkstripe. I couldn't believe that a suit could fit my tall, skinny frame so well. I was hooked!
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    Tailor in SF

    That's a pretty fair price if he does it correctly by moving the sleeve placket back and tapering the sleeves before replacing the cuff.
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    M2M at Brooks Brothers. Massive disappointment - norm?

    If they've changed the MTM system since I've left the company, then I stand corrected. When I worked for them I was on a regional MTM specialty team, and there didn't seem to be any talk of changing manufacturing at that time, though.
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    M2M at Brooks Brothers. Massive disappointment - norm?

    I am sorry you had a bad experience. Since Hart worked so well, it's probably better for you to stick with them. I used to be a sales associate for Brooks and it appears there was some miscommunication at some point with your order. The "Made in Thailand" product is called Suiting...
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    Jos A Bank return experience?

    I wouldn't say you got hosed. Many B&M stores will take back the returns from online purchases, but the return goes against that particular location's earning for that day when the daily books are balanced. When I worked for Brooks Brothers, we took online returns all the time, but my store...
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    "Eased Armholes"?

    When I sold suits, my tailor and I recommended it a lot to customers that felt what you are describing. It's minimally invasive and shouldn't throw off the look of the jacket...we're talking a small adjustment. In fact one guy I worked with told me that back in the 60's and 70's one of the...
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    Critique my new suit please

    I used to sell made-to-measure suits until I got tired of the daily grind associated with being on commission. With ready-to-wear suits, there is not a whole lot you can do to correct what I see in the two pictures above. Your posture is more erect than the coat is pitched for, which is shown...
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    How a suit should fit, video.

    Not such a good video. He is misinformed on several points of his presentation.
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    Thanks for the Effort

    I agree with your approach to put it in the right context. We should applaud and reinforce the effort.
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    Navy Blazer farbirc texture question.

    My thoughts, too.
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    MTM shirt creasing on shoulders

    I don't think that would change much with the shoulders...usually stooped and erect posture have more to do with balancing the length of the front and the back of a garment.