No this isn't a statement (Ask Andy Rules!!) Although I can only wish!

Please be sure to read our Before You Apply information.


1. No advertising.
If you have a commercial business, we do not allow unauthorized advertising on the Forum. Please also refer to section 10 regarding username selection.

A brand representative, using a personal account & personal email address only, may participate in a forum conversation (without specifically promoting their brand), by answering member questions about the brand, on threads/discussions originally initiated by other existing members.

Brand representatives may never initiate a discussion about or related to their brand, may never post links to their site, should avoid mentioning specific product names (unless it is in direct response to a member question), and may never use a signature that has any affiliations or links to their brand's website.

"Personal account" in the paragraph above specifically means that the username of the brand representative has absolutely no affiliation nor similarities (similar spelling, similar sounding, etc.) to the brand name, business name, or any other internet accounts that discuss brand-related information. The email address of the brand representative must also have no affiliation to the brand name in any manner whatsoever.

If you would like to learn more about our available advertising options, please contact us for rates.

2. No flames.
Keep all debates clean and civil. This is a gentleman's (and ladies) Forum. Everyone is expected to behave accordingly.

What constitutes flaming and incivility should be clear to all: no name-calling, ad hominem attacks, slurs, swearing, personal insults, or personal insults cloaked in a question. Individual instances of flaming and/or incivility will be judged by the moderators.

3. No politics in the Fashion, Trad, or Women's Clothing Forums.
That's what the Interchange Forum is for. Ask Andy is a politically and culturally ecumenical website, and we all benefit from the contributions of members from around the world.

We want people from all nations and backgrounds and political persuasions to feel welcome to share their interest in clothing here. Critiquing world leaders' clothing is fine. When political discussions or insults against world leaders (not related to clothes) crop up in a clothing Forum, they will be moved or deleted at the discretion of the moderators.

4. Don't feed the trolls.
When trolling occurs, do not respond; we will take appropriate action. Do not mention troublemakers by name and invite them to a fight or perpetuate ongoing fights. Do not encourage banned or suspended members to post. These rules are, admittedly, hard to apply.

Most often, any necessary action will be taken at the discretion of the moderators. If we feel your posts are in violation of this rule, we will first send a warning and an explanation. Please take those messages SERIOUSLY and cease the behavior in question.

5. Don't bash other Forums or blogs.
Ask Andy is not the place to vent whatever resentments you may harbor against other Forums or blogs. This is a place to talk about clothes.

We believe that the presence of more than one men's clothing Forum on the web is a benefit to us all, and this site will not be used to denigrate others. Similarly, do not bash AskAndy on other Forums or blogs.

6. Don't gratuitously bump threads.
Adding superfluous posts that in our judgment serve no other real purpose than to bump long-dead threads to the top of the Forum is not allowed. If there is any doubt in your mind whether the post you wish to make falls into this category, please contact a moderator.

7. If you disagree with a moderating decision taken by a moderator, DO NOT argue your case in public
Contact the moderators in private. This rule pertains solely to moderation and is not meant to preclude members and forum moderators from lively or even heated discussions on clothing or community forums subjects providing all forum rules are followed.

8. Members in good standing of the Ask Andy Forum MUST provide the moderators with a valid email address.
You may choose to make your email address available to other members or not; that's up to you. But the moderators must be able to reach you. If you do not wish to receive email from Andy or the moderators, you may choose not to post on this Forum.

At seasonally varying intervals, we publish the AskAndy Newsletter which is e-mailed at no charge to all members in good standing. The newsletter contains articles, information, and other items deemed to be of interest to aficionados of fine clothing.

9. Each member is allowed only one user name/account.
No multiple accounts, no exceptions.

10. Username selection.
Members are not allowed to sign up and/or post under usernames that mirror (identical or similar to) brand or business names. This is considered a form of advertising. The only exception to this rule is if the brand or business is a new or existing (i.e. current) Ask Andy advertiser.

Members are not allowed to sign up and post under usernames that mirror the proper names of real, living people in the clothing business or world, unless they actually are that person.

Example: we had an imposter sign up the username "G. Bruce Boyer," falsely claiming to be the style writer of that name. Especially since Mr. Boyer really does post on Forums, under his own name, this practice misleads other members and threatens Mr. Boyer's reputation.

Ironic or clever joke names, or names based on long dead people (for example, "Beau Brummell") are fine. If you are in doubt about the propriety of a username you wish to use, please email us for clarification.

11. By posting anything on this website, you agree that other members may FREELY and FULLY quote from it within
Neither Ask Andy About Clothes LLC nor this site are in any way responsible for any real or perceived copyright violations of material originally posted here. Posts may be edited by the posting member for a period of 24 hours.

Due to the discussion nature of forum threads, all threads & posts are considered to be a permanent, integral component of the forum as a whole. As such, content (threads/posts) removal or alteration requests from members or outside parties are not accepted.

After 24 hours have passed, posts (replies to threads) become non-editable and non-removable by members. is considered to be a continuously growing historic archive. Exceptions to this rule are not ever made.

12. Inappropriate Avatars.
Andy and his moderators may disallow any member avatar if, in their opinion, the avatar is inappropriate or otherwise objectionable.

13. Inappropriate Link Posting.
Members may not, under any circumstances, post links from which they stand to receive financial gain of any sort including, but not limited to, cash, discounts, and/or store credits.

Should such a link be found, the member's posting privileges will be suspended and an advertising charge for $125 will be sent to the offending member. If the action is deemed to be blatant advertising (at the discretion of Andy or the moderators) including but not limited to advertising by commercial entities and/or members of less than 30 days, the advertising charge will be in the range of $1000 to $2000.

Should you wish to post such a link, contact Andy for advertising rates.

14. Odious members.
Odious (extremely unpleasant; repulsive) may be removed for cause without notice or recourse.

Failure to comply with the above rules will result in warnings from the moderators. Failure to comply with warnings will result in the locking of your account.

Members are responsible for the content of their posts. While the Forum is moderated, it should be noted that the Forum, its owners, and employees are not responsible for the content posted by individual members.

The rules of the AskAndy Forums may be changed at any time without notice.

Blog Policy

1. Mentioning (advertising) blogs is not allowed unless the blog is mentioned in a context that is relevant to the topic. Promotional linking to blogs is not allowed.

2. The first breach of this rule will result in the removal of the post and a warning. Additional offenses will result in the post removal and an advertising charge of $25 for each violation. Members owing advertising invoices will be unable to post until suitable payment arrangements are in place.

Sales Rules

As is well known, several merchants and artisans participate here at Ask Andy. Their specific knowledge and willingness to answer questions have benefited members.

Yet we all want to avoid the commercialization of the Forum. Therefore, merchants and non-merchant members alike must abide by the following rules.

SR1. No selling or solicitation of any kind, by anyone, is allowed in any Forum, existing or new, with the exception to the locations specified in item (SR2) below. If it is not listed in (SR2) below, without exception, any listings deemed to violate our "No Selling" policy will be removed.

SR2. Posts offering items for P2P (Person to Person) sale may be created the Sales Forum & in the "AAAC Informal Trad Thrift Store Exchange" thread ONLY.

Those who have been members for fewer than 30 days OR have fewer than 50 contribution posts OR have started fewer than 5 contribution threads may NOT post items for sale in any Forum or Thread.

NOTE: "Contribution" means any posts deemed to contribute to the public conversation. Any posts and/or threads deemed to be promotional in nature (1) violate the rules, (2) will not be counted as a Contribution, and (3) may be removed at the discretion of the Forum Staff.

A nominal contribution for the maintenance of the forum may be required in order to post items for sale.

SR3. Making the forum locations specified in item (SR2) above free to post in is meant to benefit the vast majority of AskAndy members who are not in the business of selling clothing.

It is not meant to provide unlimited no-cost advertising space to commercial members.

Commercial members are those who derive all or substantial portion of their income from the sale of clothing or accessories.

Commercial members may have no more than two active sales forum threads or posts at a time. Violators will be invoiced and their posting privileges suspended until payment is received.

SR4. Don't bump your threads!
New Sales threads appear immediately in the New Threads sidebar. All members deserve the opportunity for Page 1 exposure.

Bumping threads with irrelevant posts will result in the thread being deleted.

SR5. If members wish to inquire about purchases from participating merchants, they must either contact that merchant privately, or post in the Sales Forum. Keep it off all other fora.

SR6. Direct solicitation by merchants to members is not permitted. Merchants can, of course, respond to inquiries from members.

SR7. Advertising is sold on certain sections the Ask Andy site. For details of the various programs, please contact us.

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