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    Questions about the forum upgrade

    Right now it appears to be resolved. DH
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    What are You Watching / Enjoying on TV?

    I am not generally a TV watcher, but lately I've been binging on "The Americans", a spy drama. (I discovered the show from an article in the WSJ on a private intelligence firm - founded by some ex-Mossad guys - called Black Cube. Amusingly, one thing they do with recruits is have them watch...
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    Is the 3 button jacket forever dead?

    Three-button jackets seem to be on about a thirty-year cycle. They were a thing in the 60s, then kind of vanished in the 70s/80s, resurged in the 90s/00s, so figure on a return in the 20s/30s. (If I remember correctly, the resurgence of three-buttoned jackets in the 90s was athlete-driven.)...
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    Some personal reflections on the Fourth

    I was discussing this a few days ago with a friend who felt the 4th should be approached with more appreciation and gravitas; I disagreed. If you go to the source (John Adams), the 4th should simple be a celebration. A big party. (The conversation started because my friend suggested that the...
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    Your most prized possessions?

    Well, okay, three sartorial items. I will not cheat by already *wearing* special items when the house catches fire, so these are things I'd have to grab. 1. My new Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX hiking boots, because I just finished breaking them in with a brutal 10 hour backcountry hike across...
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    Your most prized possessions?

    My parents were serious collectors of art and antiquities. As such, I grew up in a house that was, essentially, a museum. Example: you could pick up a random vase, invert it, and a little tag would fall out ("Celadon Vase, Sung Dynasty, c.11thC AD") - everything in the house was catalogued and...
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    Nike, Did We Ever Really Know Ya?

    I'm probably one of the biggest Lefties in this forum, but how someone can take Betsy Ross, or her flag, and somehow twist her into a modern commentary on racism? Well, it's silly. I mean, if there is a room in Heaven where the Nice Ladies of History sit around quilting or whatever, Betsy Ross...
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    On a related note (slightly), a favorite dessert of mine after tucking in to a heavy Italian meal is a light dessert of sorbet or gelato splashed with limoncello. A favorite family-owned Italian eatery of mine got me started on it; they have a nice, house-made limoncello, and one summer gave me...
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    I haven't had Key Lime Pie in a long, long time. Perhaps I'll seek one out this weekend. We had a restaurant in Atlanta, many years ago, which was undone by Key Lime Pie. "Hemingways" was the name of the place, and the Key Lime Pie was so renowned that folks would make a special trip just for a...
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    Currently, right now, this minute, listening to:

    Since I discovered I can ask Alexa "Alexa, play BBC News", I've been listening to *that* quite often! (Wife and daughter are spending the summer in Japan, leaving me rattling around alone in this house, so I can use the "company". I may have an accent when they return.) DH
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    Changing notch lapel to shawl?

    A gun check plaid is almost the opposite of a black shawl collar... not sure what Leviticus says about it, but no! (The black shawl works with *tartans* because they're basically "formal" patterns.) DH
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    Don't wear your face

    Do people actually do that? Go for a clothing/face match? I just never thought about such a thing! (I'm sort of olive-complected, and admittedly never particularly thought I looked good in greens. Unconscious compliance, I suppose.) DH
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    Shoe recrafting options

    Why even get them if they're not going to be proper Aldens? I say send them to the source and let Alden resole (or recraft, or whatever) them. Just because they're beaters doesn't mean they have to be *beaters*! DH
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    Social Security Scam.

    I worry quite a bit about my father (80) being scammed; they certainly have his number! I "manage" his computing, and have everything ratcheted up as high as it can go security-wise (I bought him a MacBook Pro, and set it up per NSA security protocols, as I do my own), but I can only do so much...
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    Porsche Carreras

    The latest JP Power & Associates ratings for car reliability have the Porsche 911 as the car with the least reported problems, topping the stack for reliability. Then come the Koreans in the next three slots (two models from Hyundai, one from Kia), and then the usual mixed bag of Japanese, with...
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    Men's Tennis shorts. What Happened?

    Lululemon has white, 5" tennis shorts, but in a more modern, sport-friendly material. Are rare case of "why not both"? DH
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    Countryman style

    The second one is pretty close to me in my twenties. That fellow would probably see the current me schlubbing around in aloha shirts and frown with disapproval! (I'm sure there's a good Latin quote for "with age comes both wisdom and practicality". Latin scholars, do tell!) DH
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    Ball Lightning

    I've never seen ball lightning myself, but my mother did as a girl (a ball of lightning entered her house through one door and left through another... unsettling!) When I was a young physicist, a mentor of mine - David Finkelstein - studied it as a sort of hobby. I tend to share his view that...
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    Whats everyone reading now and/or read lately

    Einstein's writings are accessible; they're more essay and opinion than anything technical. Everyone focuses on his scientific legacy, but in his day he was a significant public intellectual. DH
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    Whats everyone reading now and/or read lately

    Starting a bit of a weighty tome: John Barton's "A History of the Bible". The basic endeavor is to look at the Bible's core text afresh, ignoring the cloud of theological interpretation which tends to obscure it (the Bible is certainly the Number One book invoked to rationalize things it never...