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  1. cosmotoast

    Your most prized possessions?

    I would say my Burberry tie and Harris tweed sport coat both made in England and my Ox blood Trickers made in Italy. All three are vintage.
  2. cosmotoast

    Forest Green Seersucker

    I love that!
  3. cosmotoast

    Trouser vs shorts sizing

    I'll Internet order trousers but no way would I shorts. The variations differ too greatly between brands. I have to try them on in person.
  4. cosmotoast

    When a good suit goes bad (or: Jeff, get it together!)

    I personally like kilts and have always been fascinated with specific tartan patterns for each family heritage but, what he's wearing with sandals and a tie dress shirt combo has me scratching my head.
  5. cosmotoast

    Which tie with this shirt/jacket?

    I love the first option. It compliments that jacket perfectly.
  6. cosmotoast

    Do you wear the clothes or do the clothes wear you?

    Men notice the clothing, women notice the clothing and the man because most men nowadays don't care about their appearance.
  7. cosmotoast

    When a good suit goes bad (or: Jeff, get it together!)

    I'm often amazed at how well dressed dignitaries, diplomats and the wealthy are.
  8. cosmotoast

    Seeking an image showing two suits, three shirts, four or five ties, that combine well

    I remember that page you mentioned but can't find it. I did find the page with a chart that explains shirt and tie combos but without images. You have to scroll down to the bottom for the chart.
  9. cosmotoast

    In Search of Oversized Bow Tie

    Will a 4.5" work?
  10. cosmotoast

    White leather gloves...?

    I believe the U.S. Marines dress blues uniform requires white leather gloves.
  11. cosmotoast

    It's TWEED Season!

    Looks like some kind of scarf?
  12. cosmotoast

    In defense of the black suit

    I only dislike the black suit with a white shirt and black tie. Looks too much like a funeral director or chauffeur. Now, add a blue, green, lavender or purple shirt with a colorful tie and it suddenly becomes quite the stunning outfit.
  13. cosmotoast

    Clothing you like but couldn't wear

    I can not wear red, green or burgundy sport coats. I see others wearing them colors and look fine but never me.
  14. cosmotoast

    Trump's White-Tie Outfit: Style Hit or Miss?

    That looked just awful. One would surmise that a man of his wealth would understand proper attire.
  15. cosmotoast

    Dark brown blazer.

    To my eye, any of the olive shades look stunning! You mentioned hunter green being too dark an ensemble for summer? Probably so but I live in Georgia so it's often too hot to ever wear a sport coat in summer.
  16. cosmotoast

    Dark brown blazer.

    I have two dark brown jackets that I wore tan or medium brown trousers with and always felt weird about wearing brown and brown. I tried olive trousers with one and hunter green with the other and they look fantastic together.
  17. cosmotoast

    On XL (Long) Ties and Knots

    I'm 5'11" so I wear standard ties with a four in hand knot. I can not wear common ties with a full Windsor. The length just isn't there for fabric to tie that knot so I have a few XL ties for the full Windsor. At 6'3" even with XL ties I bet you will be stuck with a four in hand knot.