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    Is the 3 button jacket forever dead?

    Thanks! That article by Ray Smith is from back in 2015. Maybe things have changed at BB (I'm sure there are a lot of opinions on this!). Nah, I got the strong non-subtle hint. If someone doesn't want my business, it's a big world out there, and many other choices. I'm very happy with the choice...
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    Men in suits on scooters.

    You're describing any workday in DC, young men and women. SG_67 is right, it's about efficient transportation. On the plus side, no wrinkles from sitting, Vespa-style. I've not partaken. Yet.
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    Is the 3 button jacket forever dead?

    I read the title of this thread with some trepidation, as I just dropped off two 3 roll 2 suits to be altered at (was originally BB MTM by Martin Greenfield, when I called BB to see if they could update them they...politely declined). So I reached out to Jay Greenfield...
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    If you could bring back one thing...

    🎩 hats. And baseball caps don’t count.
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    When a good suit goes bad (or: Jeff, get it together!)

    I have every expectation that Bezos' suit is bespoke. Before he went Hollywood and ditched his wife he was on a "rich guy wants to look rich" trajectory, with the whole P90x/keto look and the fleece-vest with logo crowd. Apart from the picture where the jacket collar is first-stage separating...
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    Suit Size Question

    You be you. In Brooklyn/NYC, you've got plenty of options, although Nordstrom Rack comes to mind off the top of my head. Go there, try on suits in a price range and size that works for you. Ask friends for recommendations for a good tailor (they probably wont know, so go to fallback option of...
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    Only that the weave is more coarse, and IMO only a consideration if you were looking to pair a finely-detailed worsted pant with it (I think there would be better choices). I can see that jacket working with a light colored linen pant, and if you wanted to go really casual you could go with...
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    Porsche Carreras

    ...but back to the sunglasses. I did indeed own a pair of "1st gen" Porsche Design sunglasses back in the 80's (wasn't a fan of wrestling so didn't know they were a "thing"). I LOVED them. It's my understanding that the Porsche Design studio basically was trying their design expertise in other...
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    Formality of sack suits

    They (some Marines of a given vintage) don't either (imagine themselves in a sack suit)! Sometimes life, an extra meal or drink or two, and a few steps up in pay grade have a way of messing with one's impression of one's self. Working with a lot of veterans, like the general population, when...
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    Trump's White-Tie Outfit: Style Hit or Miss?

    It's safe to say that, if the subject at hand is more fit (regardless of political affiliation), it's relatively easier to get clothes to look good. Obama and GW Bush are good examples on both sides of the aisle, Clinton and Trump less good examples. Does it matter? Well, I guess if it matters...
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    Good tailor in DC area?

    This is kinda tongue-in-cheek, but this tailor has been cited by multiple news sources to be the "formalwear supplier to the President", and they've gone on-the-record to divest themselves of any involvement with the most recent white-tie event in England:
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    Trump's White-Tie Outfit: Style Hit or Miss?

    I like GWB's look at this dinner, and before even finding and reading this link, I suspected that Ms. Bush had a hand in it: Searching Google for some full length photos, I would take some issue with pant length, but it's well within...
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    White Tie Waistcoat Length

    BSR, without a doubt you'd have presented us (the "U.S.") much better than was done. Only a very small circle will ever know whose "fault" it was for this sartorial faux pas (that's being as polite as I can be). I'm pretty sure there does exist a WH dept of protocol and etiquette. Maybe that...
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    White Tie Waistcoat Length

    I've commented on another website, but the outfit is, as Forum members recognize, incredibly ill-fitting, pretty much from top to bottom. Sleeves and pants too long, a mismatch between vest and jacket (more forgivable in this age where true formalwear is rare), and an overall un-kemptness that...
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    Jacket length

    It's contemporary, thus it is shorter than trads are used to. Overall it looks fine, I'd definitely NOT mess with it. As they say, "the enemy of good is better".
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    Good suit brands in a classic fit for daily wear? Under $500

    Although this is likely not the site for this particular recommendation, I'd not completely discount a general department store (Macys, Penneys, etc...). As others have mentioned, a well-fitting suit will trump a poorly-fitted but more expensive suit. And department stores in my experience...
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    Good suit brands in a classic fit for daily wear? Under $500

    Sounds like you have a solid idea of fit and style that works for you, so I'd suggest Nordy's Rack. Albeit hit or miss at times, there can be solid deals to be found. You can take advantage of the wholesale shift towards too short and too tight suiting by snagging what no one else wants right now.
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    Anderson and Sheppard Makes a Suit

    Absolutely a bucket list item. Thanks for sharing.
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    Pete Buttigieg's belt!

    Tag Heuer Monaco. Winding stem at the 9:00 position. You deserve it. You're welcome. My all time favorite watch.
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    An Amazing Memorial Day Sale @ CircleRock!

    Welcome back Paul, and good luck to you and CircleRock. I've been eyeing the site for a while now, and when you started I initially thought, "well, if I were still in a line of work where I needed those clothes..." and, fast forward 6 months, and now I am. So looking even more closely this...