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  1. paxonus

    Suit gorge an inch beneath tie knot. Would you wear it?

    So long as you don't go this low, you will probably be ok. This is just too low and obviously dated, and will never under any circumstance aside from an 80's costume party look good.
  2. paxonus

    Fit Check: Drakes Solaro Jacket

    It also looks like you have working cuffs. That will be very costly to get properly altered. Given the problem with the back, I would suggest returning it.
  3. paxonus

    Is the 3 button jacket forever dead?

    It hasn't gone out of fashion at Cording's. It is their signature style.
  4. paxonus

    Jay Bulter Loafers

    Click the down-pointer to the right of the smiley. Insert media.
  5. paxonus

    Hardy Casual Shoe

    What do you mean by "hardy"?
  6. paxonus

    Items of 'classic' menswear you just don't like?

    Ticket pockets. They strike me as utterly pointless and make for too much imbalance.
  7. paxonus

    A Study in Style: Shinzo Abe

    With the exception of the lack of a pocket square. Reagan nearly always had a white one. But he was probably the last politician to use one.
  8. paxonus

    It's TWEED Season!

    Slight breach of sartorial etiquette on that bottom waistcoat button.
  9. paxonus

    What shoemaker is this? (Welted)

    Looks like this may be it, but the link to the company is dead.
  10. paxonus

    The Old School Gentlemen Thread

    I didn't know Faulkner was one of the horsey set. Seems he was a superb rider and quite fearless at the jumps.
  11. paxonus

    It's TWEED Season!

    My guess is a jacket. Anyone wearing a tie who is that obsessed with layering would surely be wearing a jacket as well.
  12. paxonus

    Countryman style

    I would put the top rig in my list of clothing I like but couldn't wear. It is classic Cordings. The other would suit me fine.
  13. paxonus

    Is bespoke my only option if I need armholes as high as possible?

    This is the highest armhole I have ever seen. To my eye, it doesn't look good. The entire sleeve looks the same diameter, which is not how the human arm is shaped unless one is extraordinarily thin. And even then, good tailoring would suggest giving the upper arm at least the appearance of being...
  14. paxonus

    O'Connell's Khakis

    The Orvis are a high rise--they sit almost at my navel. Their trim fit is very close to the BB Clark fit, leaning toward fuller rather than smaller. The regular cut is about 1.5 inch fuller in hip and 1 inch fuller in thigh and leg.
  15. paxonus

    O'Connell's Khakis

    I was a Clark's fan until I tried a slim fit Orvis. Construction is just as good and they still make them in 100% cotton. But the big advantage is the rise is about 1.5 inches longer.
  16. paxonus

    Clothing you like but couldn't wear

    What do you like, but can't see yourself wearing? I like ascots. I think they have a rakish, jaunty look I especially like and try to cultivate. But I can't quite see myself wearing one without feeling foppish.
  17. paxonus

    Items of 'classic' menswear you just don't like?

    Same here. I always look forward to wearing black tie around the holidays. I would wear it more often, but opportunities are scarce--particularly in Los Angeles, where it is common to see men in jeans and polos at even the nicest restaurants.
  18. paxonus

    It's TWEED Season!

    I have something similar in Harris Tweed from BB:
  19. paxonus

    Penny loafers with shorts and a sport shirt?

    Another no vote on the JM. I had a dark brown pair and they immediately developed a horizontal crease and lost the finish across the front toe between the sole and the vamp. No amount of polish would cover it.