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    contest Win MVST Select Premium Aluminum Luggage!! ENTER CONTEST HERE!

    Carry-on in champagne is nice.
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    The sinking pocket square.

    I always thought those 4" ties would be good for something. great idea
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    Crombie coats.

    Just picked up a 100% Cashmere Crombie sport coat. Looking up Crombie, all I see are overcoats. oh, how I wish there was a date code in this.
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    Is the 3 button jacket forever dead?

    I picked up a nice Joseph Abbound Couture Brown Tweed, 3 button, ticket and dual vents. the tailoring messed it up and my lady could only do so much. If only I was 10 pounds lighter. My Nephew's son is my height, waist and ready for this. along with 4 chinos and Japanese denim. still have...
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    Thrift store blues & brags

    2 more shoe trees, Nordstrum and Woodlore. good day for my shoes. Crombie Cashmere SC, it was moved to the discount rake. gonna miss this store.
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    The Official AAAT Music Thread: What Are You Listening To?

    tried the Amazon 70's channel. for a while now.
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    What are You Watching / Enjoying on TV?

    OK, this one was not bad, with Elisabeth Rohm in the lead. thanks
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    What are You Watching / Enjoying on TV?

    IN the Dark, 2013? watching it now.
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    Red Meat . . . .

    A plate of garlic mashed potatoes. that was one of my favorite dinners.
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    Currently, right now, this minute, listening to:

    Wonder if I will get Taylor Swift on my TV Stick soon?
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    Thrift store blues & brags

    My friend is closing at the end of July. I bought Nordstrum Shoe Trees for cheap. Doubt if I can talk him into selling these on line. $5.00 to me. happy
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    I wish I had a picture. Store closing banner above and 'Now Hiring' sign by a side door.
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    Shoe Tree brass knobs

    My friend is selling his Consignment Men's Store. I am buying Nordstrum Shoe Trees for $5.00 right.
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    Shoe trees for loafers

    My friend's Consignment store is closing, He is selling Nordstrum Trees for $5.00. happy
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    What're You Drinking Today?

    It's finally noon time.
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    Some personal reflections on the Fourth

    Colors and POW flag today.
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    Help after pregnancy - nothing fits!

    Well, first I am a 65 yr old guy. I was heavy and lost 55 pds quickly, leaving fat on the hips, stomach and arms. Arms I cleaned up with light weights. The rest, I found a link to CLA/GLA, try that. It is not to help you lose weight, but slim down. dress casual is my thing now.
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    It's TWEED Season!

    69F this morning, almost pulled out tweeds.
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    What Are You Wearing Today 2.0?

    When I dress for Doctor's visits, I slept my tie on after the exam, easier for them I think. Not that cool in this office.
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    What Are You Wearing Today 2.0?

    I'm used to dressing nice for the Doctor's Office, my appointment today was switched to 3:00 pm. Best I could do in the heat was white polo and blue/white seersucker. Blue SC carried everything so I could weight right.