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    Details for Custom Cashmere Coat

    Must you use Chang? He's such a butcher. There's always Despos................
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    Tommy Bahama - The BEST Customer Service ever?

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    What exactly are swim trunks

    The material used for swim trunks will dry much faster than other fabrics and the mesh liner is for support (keeps your junk in the trunks ;)) and it's also quick drying. If you wear cotton gym shorts and a jock strap you'll be wet all day.
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    Crew or V-neck t-shirt under open collar shirt in business casual office

    I don't care to see any underwear in the workplace, even if it's a t-shirt collar.
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    Shoe comfort

    There is absolutely no correlation between price and comfort in OTR shoes.
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    Tommy Bahama - The BEST Customer Service ever?

    It is like being struck by lightning,isn't it? Around ten years ago, I inquired about a particular tie at Hermès and before I knew it I was on a conference call with the President of Hermès USA and their tie guy in Paris who located one of the last available and had it shipped free of charge...
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    23 Years Later I Finally Found A Gekko Shirt

    Did AK sew those shoulder pads in as well? You don't really notice them when he's standing but in this shot............
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    Albert Thurston for Brioni Braces

    Because they say:
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    John Simons Apparel Company Coming soon - website for the new John Simons Apparel Company shop and online store, offering the finest traditional American, British and Continental menswear available anywhere in the UK. Not only will you be able to see details of the classic clothes and...
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    making shirt collars a bit larger

    My Turnbull & Asser shirts had a tendency to shrink in the collar more than my other shirts. It may have something to do with the type of interlining used. I was able to gain back some of the shrinkage (maybe 1/4") by soaking the collar in warm water for a time, then giving it a firm stretch.
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    What do your shoes look like after a few months?

    Yes, best to get some pics up otherwise it's hard to comment.
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    Brioni buttons

    From what I've seen they use horn for suits and enamel for blazers..
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    Details for Custom Cashmere Coat

    We're talking about Chang here, Alex.
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    WSJ story on men and shopping online

    Who reads the WSJ these days since Ruprecht got his hands on it.....
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    stretching shrunken linen...

    I wouldn't think an inch or two would bother you, considering your moniker.........
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    Dry cleaning corduroy?

    I have two types of cords. The unlined and uncuffed (no interlining at all...basically built like jeans) are laundered at home. The lined and cuffed (built like tailored dress pants) are sent out for dry cleaning. I once made the mistake of laundering the latter and the interlining in the waist...
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    To Cuff or Not To Cuff

    Yes, that is the current mantra of the menswear forums.
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    Made in England, your feelings please....

    Generally, Made in England has been eroding over the last twenty years or so. Once you leave the very top of the market the quality is not what it used to be. Also, didn't I read that games can be played with that designation.