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    Late afternoon birthday party - Seersucker and such ...

    I had always thought of seersucker as primarily a daytime fabric, and have avoided wearing it to evening events for that reason. That being said, (1) I think you get more leeway with a jacket than a suit, (2) 6:00, although technically "evening" is, of course, broad daylight in the summer in...
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    Everyone has his limits

    Actually, the socks don't hold a candle to Pantherella. The elastic goes in far less time, even when you hang dry them and wash them on cold, and anything with a pattern sheds fuzz terribly. The must-iron shirts are still a good option, especially at the semi-annual sale, and they frequently...
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    !!Sold!! 28 Ties for sale. Amazing price!

    That bevy of solid ones in the upper right-hand corner: what are those made of? Wool? Linen? It's hard to tell in the photograph. Thanks.
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    AAAC Informal Trad Thrift Store Exchange

    This is the kind of comment that can get you bounced from a forum, but this is the second time this Mikel character has come in here and tried to throttle the exchange, and it really grinds my gears. The explanations have been, in both cases, been the sort of overwrought busybody nonsense only...
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    Preferred Knit Fabric for a Dressy, Long-Sleeve Polo Shirt

    "Dressy, long-sleeve polo shirt"? I don't understand the question, and I refuse to answer.
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    Can you press/iron seersucker?

    I have both ironed and pressed seersucker, but I can't recall ever having done either with a seersucker jacket. I've ironed seersucker shirts and dresses that got badly rumpled in the laundry,* and perhaps I've steamed creases out of the crotch of a pair of trousers (I spend a lot of time...
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    New seersucker sportcoat and this tie?

    Agree with the consensus: the stripes on that tie are way too small to wear with seersucker. Go big (pattern) or go home.
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    Linen Dress Shirts

    It depends. Linen is generally woven in a lightweight weave when used for clothes, although that is not always the case. The only linen shirts I have ever seen were rather as you describe. I wouldn't describe a linen shirt as a "dress shirt," though: the fabric doesn't lend itself to the...
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    My new warm weather pants

    I take it you're describing the "Nantucket Reds Collection" canvas ones?
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    In lieu of cluttering that thread about the J Press sale, I thought I would send you a message...

    In lieu of cluttering that thread about the J Press sale, I thought I would send you a message about that chambray jacket. I was looking for a 38, which from them tends to fit me quite well. Thanks, Paul
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    PSA: J. Press Online Warehouse Sale

    Damn. I eyed those chambray jackets they had for years and never bought one, and now the last one is a size too big.
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    PSA BB and Alden

    Look to be gone from the website already.
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    Is Ben Silver Trad

    They're in the same boat as some place like Paul Stuart: it's not a "Trad Store," in the vein of O'Connell's, J. Press, or the Andover Shop, but it's a store that has a lot of stuff for Trads.
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    Red Meat . . . .

    How's that? Lasagna is a pasta. Without the big flat noodles it's just a sauce. As for the tortellini picture, that person is going to scratch his enameled dish with that metal spoon.
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    Low Budget Suits

    Your best option might well be Brooks Brothers via ebay. You have to beware super-wide-lapel leftovers from the 70s and 80s, but there are plenty of good finds out there, for less than a JAB suit.
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    What Are These?

    It's a scarf. It's for tying around the neck: Or, as derum indicated, you might tie it around a ponytail.
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    Holiday Imbibing

    Troegs makes some good brews, but you have to be along the east coast to get them. For other Christmas Ale options more widely available, Anchor Steam (although, it's probably all sold out by now) and Spencer Abbey (mail order only) are good.
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    Don't Even Ask...

    Oh, there will be next year. I think, based on a quick refresher on 1960s tv characters, a "Peter Gunn" is just an ordinary old-fashioned men's haircut. Part it on the left, taper it in the back, a little longer on the top and a little shorter on the sides. Also known as "the usual."
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    AAAC Informal Trad Thrift Store Exchange

    [Bump] Must-iron BB shirts, people. Just in time for Christmas.
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    AAAC Informal Trad Thrift Store Exchange

    Bump on this skirt: it's a fantastic piece. Make me an offer.