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    So what's new? Share your latest purchase here!

    Found this herringbone tweed suit in a Goodwill store in Charlottesville. It only cost me $7.36. Nice lighter weight fabric. The one photo makes the pants appear to be a slightly different color than the jacket, but it's just the weird ambient lighting in the room. Probably the best clothes deal...
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    Scam store

    This scam ad popped up in my FB feed again this morning. Clearly FB is either unwilling or unable to put a stop to this fraudulent activity...
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    Where to get a modern 3 piece suit that looks from the 30's-40's?

    Lots of listings on eBay for "Peaky Blinders" suits, you should find something there if you look.
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    Outfit Advice

    Get yourself a navy blue blazer and a charcoal gray suit. You can find both of them at thrift stores if you are diligent. My son bought a new navy blazer online (don't recall where) for under $100, and bought a charcoal Italian-made John Nordstrom suit at Nordstrom Rack for under $300. He was 20...
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    Suit Advice for High School Grad

    My son had a series of internship interviews during his freshman year at college that required a suit, not just a blue blazer or a tweed sport coat. He was able to find a charcoal John Nordstrom brand suit from Nordstrom Rack for $300. It was made in Italy, very high quality. He found a tailor...
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    Men's fashion classics hang-ups

    I don't particularly care for: Ascots Pocket Squares Gold metal jewelry (gold buttons on a blue blazer are OK) Thick chunky shoes Tie bars Skinny suits (or skinny anything) Split toe shoes Button downs with a suit and tie (OCBD with no tie is OK with blazer) French cuffs and cuff links with...
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    Anyone have an unusual anthropometry?

    6'3" 205#, but my wingspan is almost 6'7". Waist 38", 33" inseam. Ostensibly a 44 long in jacket/suit size, but still have to have jacket sleeves let out a bit. Dress shirts are tough to find, I wear a 16.5" neck with 37" sleeve for work shirts if I can find them. I had several dress shirts...
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    "Professional" Shoe Shine: Bad Idea or OK?

    I will be in the Chicago area towards the end of next week, perhaps I will stop by said Nordstrom and get a polish.
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    "Professional" Shoe Shine: Bad Idea or OK?

    My Dad never showed me the "burning polish" method. However, he had and still does have, a nice collection of older Bostonians, and a few old J&M's that he would polish up from time to time. He did show me how to use a lighter to heat up a crayon tip and use it to cover up a deep nick or cut in...
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    "Professional" Shoe Shine: Bad Idea or OK?

    The young lady in Vegas did a very nice job on my Mezlans, one of the better "walk-up and sit down" shoe shines I have received. Other ones, not so good.
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    "Professional" Shoe Shine: Bad Idea or OK?

    New poster here. I have colleagues who swear by a "professional" shoe shine service like one would purchase at an airport. I must admit that I have used these services in the past, but mostly in situations where I knew I was going to have an important event or meeting, and I am travelling to and...