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  1. Semper Jeep

    What watch are you wearing today?

    I love it! I've been really interested in that and the SBGV245 the past few months. I may make it a birthday gift to myself this fall.
  2. Semper Jeep

    Matching lapel pin metal color with belt buckle?

    According to my wife, I rarely bother matching my clothes. I cannot begin to calculate all the time I'd lose in my life if I had to match my metals and leathers too!
  3. Semper Jeep

    What watch are you wearing today?

    Citizen Chronomaster today.
  4. Semper Jeep

    Choosing between vintage wool coats

    Of the three, I'll give another vote for the middle one but with the caveat of swapping out the brass buttons for black or navy or basically anything less conspicuous. A coworker wears a jacket very similar to that Swiss one most days in the winter and it just looks weird. That said, if...
  5. Semper Jeep

    Linen vs seersucker sport coats

    I agree with SG_67 - given that you already have a couple of linen jackets, I'd suggest the seersucker. FWIW, all other things being equal, I've always found seersucker to wear a bit lighter/cooler than linen.
  6. Semper Jeep

    What watch are you wearing today?

    I'm wearing my new Nomos Club Campus. I picked it up at a new local AD during a launch event for Nomos. I went in just to look and see how these smaller Club models fit compared to my old Ahoi and instantly fell in love. The Ahoi was gorgeous but fit horribly. This one is gorgeous and fits...
  7. Semper Jeep

    Pete Buttigieg's belt!

    I'm a lefty and I used to belt my trousers that way until I joined the Marines and they beat that habit out of me. I was going to say that I'm surprised that Buttigieg, being a military man himself, still belts his trousers that way... but Navy.... o_O :p
  8. Semper Jeep

    The AskAndy Method of Ironing a Linen Shirt!

    I like this method and may have to give it a try! I don't think I'd try this with cotton or wool, but linen doesn't have as much "give" in it as those materials so I don't know that that would be a big problem here.
  9. Semper Jeep

    I went to O’Connell’s today

    This is what my parents use As UteLawyer mentioned, you can use a "passport card" and that's what my parents have used for a few years now without issue. I occasionally travel internationally for work though so I'll just stick to the traditional passport. FWIW, I don't think I've ever once...
  10. Semper Jeep

    PSA: Brooks Brothers 25% off for Corporate Members Today

    Google "Brooks Brothers Corporate Discount" and the 1st or 2nd link should take you directly to the BB site and there is an option to renew the card there on that page. You will need your card with your membership number. You can also call their 1-800 number and they can renew it for you over...
  11. Semper Jeep

    I went to O’Connell’s today

    Thank you for the photos and you/they are right, there is definitely a method to their madness. I try to make it out there once a year or so (this reminds me that I need to renew my passport so I can cut through Ontario and head back over there again soon) and I was definitely overwhelmed on my...
  12. Semper Jeep

    PSA: Brooks Brothers 25% off for Corporate Members Today

    I finally found my old AAAC BB corporate membership card and went on to the BB site to renew it this morning and planned to buy a couple new polo shirts. Lo and behold, Brooks Brothers is offering 25% off for corporate members today only instead of the typical 15%. It cannot be stacked on other...
  13. Semper Jeep

    Ask Andy Brooks Brothers Discount Card

    Anybody? Anybody? The "Club House" forum that used to have the information is no longer accessible.
  14. Semper Jeep

    Can you press/iron seersucker?

    Steaming is my recommendation for seersucker.
  15. Semper Jeep

    Ask Andy Brooks Brothers Discount Card

    Bumping this thread to see if AAAC still has a corporate discount for Brooks Brothers and whether anybody can point me to the link that used to have the membership/pin info. After a decade or so I think it's finally time for a couple new polo shirts this spring and I always like the way BB fits.
  16. Semper Jeep

    Trouble pairing tan linen sports jacket

    I'll give another vote for olive trousers. Olive works surprisingly well with so many colors, especially tans and beiges that you might have trouble finding other things to pair with. Chocolate or tobacco brown could be pretty sharp as well.
  17. Semper Jeep

    Mine is a 41 and it runs a bit large (these are from their Made in Canada stuff which I've...

    Mine is a 41 and it runs a bit large (these are from their Made in Canada stuff which I've always found to be a bit more padded and generous fitting than any of their Made in the USA stuff). Good luck on the hunt, they really are a nice color and material and I've been tempted to take mine in to...
  18. Semper Jeep

    PSA: J. Press Online Warehouse Sale

    What size do you need? I have one that I bought a few years ago but they run a bit larger than I was expecting and I haven't gotten as much use out of mine as I would like. I'd be willing to sell it.
  19. Semper Jeep

    What watch are you wearing today?

    I love that Captain Cook. It's definitely one of the cooler vintage-inspired or reissue watches that have come out in the past few years. I'm wearing my Heuer Night Diver today.
  20. Semper Jeep

    Do patina'd Whiskey/Cigar/Ravello Aldens exist out there?

    I will be sure to get some photos of them this week. IIRC, this run had hand stitching. They were a GMTO that we had through the Alden DC store, back when they would still do MTO for rare shell. The makeup was supposed to have machine stitching and there were a few people in the group who...