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    If you could bring back one thing... Looks like this company, started by a former VP of manufacturing at Dexter, is up and running in the same town. Made to order with a 4 week delivery time. Thats not a knock on them, its nice to know they take the time to make your shoe instead of churning out the...
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    Shoes for a first date

    There was a show I used to watch when I was little called Mystery Science Theatre 3000. It's essentially 3 characters who watch really bad films & dub in some funny commentary. My favorites were their 'shorts', when they watched these brief educational videos from the Ivy era. This one seems...
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    A Trad "What are you Wearing"

    Noticed this as well, hope it isn't permanent. There were bound to be some issues with a new rollout. In the meantime, click the Gear icon on the top right of the text box to "Toggle BB Code" to write without hyperlinks. Nice outfit as well. Proof one doesn't have to be obnoxiously loud to show...
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    If you could bring back one thing...

    Leffot in NYC is another Alden specialty shop. Or at least they claim to be, I don't know the Alden offerings well enough to know if they're just slapping their name on a common Alden product.
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    Navy Filson Bags

    Reviving this old thread...thinking of buying a navy Field Bag. If anyone ended up buying one, how has its color aged in ~6 years? I haven't had much luck finding pictures of a well worn one online... perhaps that means they hold their color well.
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    If you could bring back one thing...

    Not sure if it was ever done before the '80s, but the Abercrombie & Fitch surfer look (cargo shorts, flip flops, puka shell necklace...) in the early aughts & the Jersey Shore cast look (Ed Hardy everything, fake tan...) some years later both wore the popped collar. They knew the obnoxious label...
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    If you could bring back one thing...

    The return of a well-defined dress code. The rest will follow.
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    Penny loafers with shorts and a sport shirt?

    Short answer: yes, loafers go well with shorts. Comments on things you didnt ask: Personally I'd leave the sleeves down or wear a short sleeve shirt (like madras), never understood rolling up the sleeves. I start sweating right at the elbow because Ive got 8 layers of oxford rolled up there...
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    Rancourt Essex Belt

    I think the term for the padded look is "feathered edge" or feathered edge w/ stitching... maybe. Color aside, the Rancourt belts roller buckle is too casual for a proper dress belt, I think. Here are some alternatives if Im reading your requirements correctly; JPress: $98, but 25% off this...
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    Thoughts on Shell #8 Color for wearability?

    The Adelaide above isn't a Wholecut, its laces are a separate piece. All of them are Oxfords, including the Balmoral. Genus: Oxford. Species: Adelaide, Balmoral, Wholecut... *this is how I understand it, I'd wait for a more experienced member to confirm this before committing it to memory...
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    Thoughts on Shell #8 Color for wearability?

    If you asked anyone outside of this forum they'd just call everything "dress shoes" - at least here in the States. My understanding (and the link provided above seems to agree) is that all Bluchers are Derbys, but not all Derbys are Bluchers. The AE Leeds being a good example of a Blucher...
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    New seersucker sportcoat and this tie?

    Black knit tie over a white oxford. Navy-based emblematics or polka dots are a close second. I like madras, but I think its too much with seersucker. I guess some Repps might work, but with so many other options why complicate things with dueling stripes? Side note: Troones, should you ever...
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    Baracuta "Authentic Fit"

    When I was first getting acquainted with the Trad look I went to JPress for the first time in search of some essentials. They were having a great sale on outerwear. I left with a Beaufort, but spent most of my time admiring the Grenfells they had. They were well priced too, but being young &...
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    PSA: Half-Price Alden/BB Shell Cordovan Tassels

    *Shameless plug*: I have some BNIB Alden for Brooks Bros. Tassel Loafers that I haven't listed on the Trad Sales thread yet. 1x Burgundy Calf 9.5-D 1x Snuff Suede 9.5-D 1x Dark Brown Suede 9.5-D If anyone is interested, PM me. (my apologies if this is against any rules!)
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    Trouble pairing tan linen sports jacket

    Lighter shade of chinos/linen trousers or Nantucket reds would be my first choices. If I'm wearing a tan SC it's summer, probably a casual setting, & it definitely isn't at night. That being said, the OPs combo with mid-grey trousers works just fine. So does olive, as others have said, & even...
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    Does the Alden LHS in black cordovan make sense?

    Its not the first shoe I'd recommend to begin a collection, but that doesnt mean its an ugly shoe. Just less diverse than his burgundy brother is all.
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    A Trad "What are you Wearing"

    nb8790, fantastic outfits. Both should be the stock answer for every "starting Trad business wardrobe, need suggestions..." thread. Camelhair & trench coats, charcoal flannel & navy pinstripe suits, white & blue button downs, repp stripe & neat madder ties, cap toe & wingtips. Perfect. One...
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    PSA Bahle’s Sale

    Thank you for the information, MDP & Never Behind.
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    PSA Bahle’s Sale

    Thanks for the update. I'm a 38, according to their online sizing I am between a Small and Medium, but it looks like if I order anything it will be a Small. Was thinking of picking up the Forest color myself... maybe its my monitor and/or your camera having trouble with exposure because of the...
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    PSA Bahle’s Sale

    Great color choices! If you wouldn't mind, when your shetlands are delivered, commenting here on the overall fit. It would be much appreciated.