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    contest Win MVST Select Premium Aluminum Luggage!! ENTER CONTEST HERE!

    The ALR aluminum likely in silver, carry on version.
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    Questions about the forum upgrade

    Good morning @mikel , I've tried to access the forum through Tapatalk in the last couple of days and there is a message stating there is a network issue. This occurs on both a Samsung phone and tablet. @peak, my avatar is more colourful than yours!
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    Hats over a polo?

    I know I'm repeating what others have said, but a Tilley hat is the way to go. Check them out here:
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    Burberry shirts

    I want some of them Hanes underwear, knowing they are the best I can get. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. By the way, do they come in a Nova Check pattern?
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    Pete Buttigieg's belt!

    As far as my Gloverall goes I'm almost sure the toggles are on the right side and go into the loop things which are on the left side.
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    Pete Buttigieg's belt!

    I've always worn my belt from left to right. I have a pair of Samuelsohn pants that have a belt buckle loop to keep it in place and the only way it can work is if the belt goes in from the left (the buckle will be on the left of the pants' opening). On the other hand, I have a US military...
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    Cool '50s Illustrations from Ivy's Heyday

    You are absolutely right London380Sl, along with a glimpse a house from the basse ville underneath Château Frontenac.
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    Shoe cream (conditioner) - does it really matter which?

    My grand mother drove to age 96 and passed away a few days shy of her 99th birthday. I'm sure you will outlast your beloved shoes!
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    Red Meat . . . .

    My own (well, ok, borrowed from the internet) recipe involves a piece of beef smothered in herbed butter and cooked for 2 hours, after having been blasted at 500 F for 5 minutes per pound.
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    Cool '50s Illustrations from Ivy's Heyday

    This is what pâté, brie cheese and Bordeau wine does to your silhouette.
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    Trouble pairing tan linen sports jacket

    Here's how I usually manage to pair a new sportscoat with pants: make sure you have your jacket's purchase receipt and take the jacket with you to a store that sells men's pants. Then select anything you think might work and start pairing them together. You can also do the same to select a tie...
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    Advice on Fit

    Headmaster, have you considered Moores?
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    Thrift store blues & brags

    My 12 Year old found some Adidas Stan Smith that she is totally in love with!
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    Thrift store blues & brags

    A good day at the Value Village's 50% off sale: a Barbour shirt, a pair of Fluchos shoes (appear possibly unworn or worn a couple of times) and a Samuelsohn overcoat that also looks new. Fellows, do the lapels look outdated?
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    Brooks Brothers/Alden LHS shell cordovan - an initial review and question

    An "oversight"? It's more like "total lack of eye sight"!
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    Brooks Brothers/Alden LHS shell cordovan - an initial review and question

    This is highly unusual. I would exchange them right away if I were you, as I would consider them to be lower than seconds.
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    Suit Puckering Question

    Steve Smith is a member here and active, from time to time, on trad thrift exchange.
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    Shoe Trees for AE 9B's

    I wear 9C as well as some 9B in AE and I use medium trees.
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    Heel replacement?

    Send your shoes back to AE for recrafting.
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    Non-iron - Do not tumble dry?

    I use the dryer for my non iron shirts. My trick with them is a 1 to 2 minutes trip in the dryer on low just prior to wearing. Takes care of whatever wrinkling remains.