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    No forumite has a favourite pair of antique tan shoes?

    Are they the wingtips or loafers? If wingtip, how do they fit comparing to other popular lasts such as 65? Quality? Thx.
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    Allen Edmonds Barrington

    How do you feel about the Barrington wingtip? Which last is it? How does it fit compared to other popular last such as 65? Quality? Thx.
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    Allen Edmonds Lloyd vs. McAllister

    What size and do you still have them?
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    Scam store

    Yes, pretty much all of those scam websites share some common features- 1. No width but only length shown for shoes. Authentic AE retailers never do that. 2. Only accept MasterCard but no Visa (Not sure why. Does Visa do a better job of blocking those skunks?) 3. No customer service phone...