1. M

    sold Allen Edmonds Nomad Penny Loafer, Cognac (6814), US 12D, Full Kit

    For sale is a pair of Allen Edmonds Nomad penny loafer in Cognac (AE number 6814). Price:$125.00 Includes cedar shoe trees and unused tube of walnut (closest matching color) Premium Shoe Polish. Pre-owned, excellent condition. Gently worn and well cared for. US Size 12 D. The Nomad loafer...
  2. sbdivemaster

    Rancourt & Co. Weltline Penny Loafer

    ...Price $120 (Shoe trees not included) ********************************************* Rancourt & Co. (Made for Rider Boot) Loafers Weltline Penny Loafer, Brown Calf Skin Click pics for larger view. Very Good Condition; Light creasing on the uppers; really in need of a good polish and...
  3. Dmontez

    STUNNING $2,500 PRL Croc Penny Loafer

    Polo Ralph Laure Italian made crocodile penny loafer. these still have the original sole, with lots of life still in them, and are absolutely gorgeous. I am asking $250 shipped in the CONUS message me for shipping outside of the US.
  4. M

    Chocolate Suede penny loafer suggestion

    Gents, I need some suggestions on Penny Loafers. I have never particularly cared for them, but I saw some chocolate suede Aldens the other day and something about them caught my eye. I have researched them at my favorite makers like Edward Green, Cheaney, Carmina and the above mentioned Aldens...
  5. The Irishman

    UK penny loafer options

    Gents, I do not own a pair of penny loafers at the moment. There are threads aplenty on them but - at least as far as I could find - the discussion is generally more US-centric. For those of us in the UK and Ireland, can anyone advise me on what are some good options for a pair? I am looking...
  6. M

    The Regiment Penny Loafer

    Hello! Recently found came across these shoes and they look very similar to the the Nettleton Barrington shoe. Is this a vintage model of this shoe? If they are - are they calf skin or Shell Cordovan? Anyone know about the model/brand/history of this shoe?
  7. M

    Penny Loafer Styles

    Greetings. What are the various types of penny loafers (Venetians obviously not included)? So far, I count: Beefroll Non-beefroll - Flatstrap - Pinch - Weltline Any others I'm missing? And are there any loafers that have the strap without the cutout for the so-called penny? Thanks. Peace...
  8. Flanderian

    Review: Rancourt Penny Loafer.

    Around the end of May I decided that I wished to add a another pair of penny loafers to my wardrobe as they meet a lot of practical needs and I like them. In particular, I had been taken with the looks of a particular pair Rancourt offers, and I'd always been intrigued with what I read about...
  9. E

    Two-tone penny loafer, casual? Not too dress

    Good morning all -- I am looking for some recommendations on a casual wear, two-tone penny loafer -- black/brown, black/cognac. I've seen some around, but the casual wear, non-dressy shoe types, seem to always have the large beef-roll with the stitching. Preferably, I am looking for one without...
  10. O

    Best $224 USA made Penny Loafer

    Foghorn shared this with me: https://sasshoes.com/men/men-footwear/men-dress-shoes/mens-penny-40-cordovan
  11. L

    Battle of Versatility: Beefroll Penny Loafer vs. Plain Toe Blucher (PTB)

    and, after answering, please recommend a few brands/models that fall within a budget of <$300 if possible. just starting a new "business casual" job and need new footwear. thanks!
  12. F

    Chomexcel vs calfskin for a penny loafer (Rancourt)

    ...universe that it is time for an upgrade. I'm planning to go the Rancourt route, but their "stock" loafers are in chromexcel. I'm more familiar with that leather for boat shoes, camp mocs, etc. Not sure how well it applies for a classic penny loafer. Would calf be more versatile/appropriate?
  13. C

    Penny Loafer - Help with shoe identification

    Saw these in an airport. The gentleman was on the phone and I had to board the plane, so took a couple quick photos. Have not been able to identify online. Any help would be greatly appreciated. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9jpey3n9ptx9f34/shoe2.jpg?dl=0...
  14. WICaniac

    The perfect penny loafer?

    Unsurprisingly, an old, similar thread on SF yielded no consensus--but I thought it worth asking here: is there a "perfect" penny loafer? I anticipate lots of testimonials for Alden & Rancourt, but I'd like specific recommendations--model names (to include Alden's store-exclusive offerings). By...
  15. D

    Penny Loafer Color Choice

    My other post lost steam on the second question so I will put it out again. I am looking for opinions on versatility of these 2 colors. I want them for summer wear with lighter colored trousers (white, cream, light yellow, blue and pink) Also would pair with SC's as well..also on the lighter...
  16. N

    Penny loafer w/boat shoe sole ID

    Hi. I like these shoes. Can anyone ID them? I've checked a lot of shoe makers online to no avail. I've seen similar though. The Ralph Lauren Bjorn is similar. But I'd love to find the exact shoe. Un-polished brown leather, white threading, and a chunky white rubber sole make this shoe a...
  17. W

    What colour penny loafer should I get?

    What colour penny loafers would you recommend between tan and darkish/chesnut brown? http://www.clarks.co.uk/p/26107240 tan http://www.clarks.co.uk/p/26107226 chesnut brown Are the dark chesnut brown loafers going to be too formal to be worn casually? I'm concerned that they almost look...
  18. Redsrover

    sales Brooks Brothers Men's Penny Loafer 11D EUC

    Men's classic style penny loafer by Brooks Brothers. Size 11D (medium width), black leather uppers and natural lining, double leather soles and composite heels. These are made in U.S.A. This is my personal pair I have worn off and on for the past few years. I have had these resoled once, and...
  19. T

    Versatile Penny Loafer

    Hello all, I was hoping everyone could chime in with their opinion on a good versatile penny loafer, and what is the best value. I currently work in a business casual environment with wearing Khakis or dress plants with dress shirts every day, sometimes polos when it gets really hot out. I...
  20. L

    Penny Loafer for spending time on feet

    I'm in the market for some new penny loafers. My current Weejuns are falling apart and have never been all that comfortable. I do a good deal of walking to client meetings and working at trade shows so I need something that could be comfortable all day. Any recommendations for something that...