1. S

    Brooks Brothers Double Breasted polo coat

    I've been offered a Brooks Brothers camel hair Polo coat in 42 short made in Italy. I am generally a 40 regular in suits, I'm wondering if it is worth purchasing this coat which is in mint condition for $200. I am 5 foot 7. Will this coat work at this size
  2. L

    Looking for Camel Hair Polo coat ~40R

    Good morning - i am currently looking for a tan camel hair polo coat. I wear a size 40R suit jacket. If you have one or see one please let me know! Thanks.
  3. TweedyDon

    A short, informal, and incomplete history of The American Polo Coat!

    Now available here, at my Facebook page WaterhollowTweed...
  4. R

    The Polo Coat Problem

    Hello, I've found myself in college this year at a school in New England. And it seems to me that the polo coat is almost a bit of sartorial inheritance for my current circumstances, uniquely collegiate 80+ years after its adoption as the emblem of the west coast collegiate man, and from there...
  5. clark_kent

    Overcoat, polo coat, top coat, peacoat, and chesterfield - sizing, fit, and other questions

    ...fits the season. I've had some questions on my mind for a while about some trad winter wear. 1. So if I'm not mistaking, overcoat, polo coat, top coat, and chesterfield are all the same thing, right? 2. I was told the camel hair color is for formal wear only. Should be worn only over...
  6. P

    Polo Coat Advice

    Looking to buy a polo coat for next winter. I generally wear a 42R, but really more of a 41, 5'10 and 175lbs. Most likely going eBay for price reasons, but not against buying new if on sale. Any tips or things to look out for? Any recommendations? Any sizing advice?
  7. S

    sales NWT 44L Polo Ralph Lauren Olive Tweed Herringbone Sport Coat back on ebay $300

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/221909487886?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Please see my post on ebay. This coat is back on ebay for sale. Polo Ralph Lauren Olive Tweed Herringbone Sport Coat Made in Italy for PRL by Corneliani 2 button, side vents The model is the Bradford...
  8. S

    Navy Double-Breasted Polo Coat Recommendation

    Hi all. I wonder if anyone could recommend a navy double-breasted polo style coat? Price range $800-$1500? Have some hard time finding the navy one. I got a camel color (see link below) from Brooks Brothers last year and love it very much. Thinking of getting a similar double breasted style...
  9. P

    Polo coat question

    Hello gentleman, just registered and I already have a question to submit. I saw at a thrift store a pretty nice polo coat in my size. It has all the features requested from a traditional polo, except the cuff. I understand that polo coats usually have a standard cuff at the end, with a "notch"...
  10. C

    Altering a Polo Coat

    Please help. I found a very nice polo coat today, which is just too large in the chest and waist. Everything else fits pretty well (shoulders are good, length is OK, sleeves good). My question is: Is it possible for a tailor to take in the chest and waist about 2 inches, and still have it...
  11. rbstc123

    Vintage Brooks Bros. Polo Coat. Thoughts on the age…..

    All, I just snagged a BB Polo Coat off ebay and I am attempting to date it. The previous owner took excellent care of this garment as it is very lightly worn. I'm amazed considering the age of the garment. There is minimal branding on it. One tan colored BB tag at the base of the collar on the...
  12. D

    Camel hair polo coat

    What is most appropriate? Double breasted or single? Peak lapel or notched?
  13. A

    help on this ralph lauren "polo coat"

    Hi, I happen to get this overcoat but not sure whether it is useful enough or worth to keep it. So what kind of occasions is this coat suitable with? And how to match with clothes and shoes? I hope to wear it at least as business casual attire or even formal, is it ok? Surely navy blue is...
  14. S

    How a true "polo coat" should wear

    Well, I finally received my polo coat from O'Connell's. It looks as follows: Front Back showing classic two-button belt I had to get a 48L, as I was a bodybuilder a long time ago, and although I am nowhere near in the shape I was 20 years ago, I still have a significant enough drop...
  15. S

    A TRUE polo coat (and I do not mean Ralph Lauren Polo)

    I have read many times that Brooks Brothers "invented" the "polo coat" often seen by sportsmen draping it over their backs to keep from getting a chill after after engaging in strenuous sports that resulted in a good deal of sweating on a relatively cool day. By all accounts I have read, a...
  16. O

    Camel Hair Polo Coat

    Anyone know if J. Press Camel Hair Polo Coats are sized fuller then normal suit size and are they longer then mid calf length. What size would be proper fit for a 41 reg suit size. Also would O'Connell's Camel Hair be about the same specifications. I need to mail order and trying to get it right...
  17. ProfCrabbe

    Polo Coat repair, DC/Baltimore

    As the weather finally warms, I'm beginning to think about putting up my cold weather clothing. Last autumn, when I took out my polo coat, I discovered I had not stored it as properly as I should have, and it acquired several small moth-sourced "vents". As they were difficult to notice at any...
  18. C

    thoughts on a single breasted polo coat

    The time has come to start thinking about winter wear, and I was curious what you all would think of having a single-breasted polo coat made, by which I mean a SB camel overcoat, but with the usual polo details of turned back cuffs and patch & flap pockets.
  19. C

    Polo Linen Sport Coat

    I wandered into the local Polo shop today and tried on a 3 Button, natural shoulder,double vent, fully-lined, glen-plaid linen sportcoat. The jacket fit perfectly. It is not Purple Label. It could be Black Label. It listed for over $1100, but was on sale. I have not bought a Polo garment...
  20. U

    The Polo Coat

    Hello Gentlemen - looking to buy a polo coat for wearing with suits - any recommendations in terms of vendor? Also... when wearing a polo coat with a suit underneath, it leaves the portion of the breast between the lapels on each layer open to the elements - while wearing a scarf can solve this...