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    Allen Edmonds Cameron and Randolph 10.5B $35 each $50 for both

    Here's the first of a purge* Allen Edmonds Carmerons in 10.5B and AE Randolphs also in 10.5B These are in great shape, always kept in trees and ready for the next owner. The Randolphs could use a few stitches in the back. $35 via paypal friends for one pair, $50 for both. Free shipping. *I...
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    Steve McQueen’s tweed jacket from “Bullitt” could fetch $800,000

    Here's a story from Hemmings Motor Daily that's right up a nostalgic trads alley. It's a little to steep for the thrift store.:smile: http://blog.hemmings.com/index.php/2013/07/02/steve-mcqueens-tweed-jacket-from-bullitt-could-fetch-800000/?refer=news Mark
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