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    Opinions on Indochino for an odd blazer?

    I'm looking for and odd jacket for summer and I was wondering if anyone had any particularly bad experiences with them. I live in NYC so I'd be getting fitted at their office rather than using the online method. P.S. if anyone has bought from them in the past I would appreciate if you could use...
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    Is this wallet too much?

    So I need a new wallet and I rather like the Ashland leather bifolds. I'm particularly fond of the "Crimson Red" color. http://www.ashlandleather.com/Ashland-s-Johnny-the-Fox-Leather-Wallet-chromexcel-p/jtfcxl.htm Is this too much? Will people think I'm flashy or have poor taste? what do you...
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    Gods and devils preserve us. http://imgur.com/a/Zfs0k George Trow is turning over in his grave.
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    What are these shoes made of?

    So I just bought a pair of "royal tweed by Cheney of England, a division of Churches English shoes" They were really cheap on ebay and I bought them on the off chance they might be cordovan. I couldn't really tell. All they say is "Premium Grade" Can anyone venture a guess what they are made...
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    Redyed Allen Edmounds Dalton boot.

    So a while ago I picked up a pair of daltons for a great deal on Ebay. The pictures were absolutely terrible and I thought they were black and just needed a good polish. This is what I actually got http://i.imgur.com/raU8McC.jpg As you can see, not the most flexible color, I could see it...
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    Red Shoe blues

    So the AE Neumok seconds are down to 150. I find myself strangely drawn to them. Do you think they could work with anything or are they screaming hideous? http://www.shoebank.com/FactorySecondInventory.php?STY=4075S&DIM=3E&SIZE=120
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    looking for a good tailor in NYC

    So, after having a thrift stote find buchered by the local guy I'm looking for a good tailor in new york city, preferably near the D line or the 4 line. I'm a student so reasonably priced would be good.
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    affordable wool dress pants

    So I've been looking for a few good pairs of wool dress pants (charcoal, light grey, blue) to upgrade my look. The problem is that in the sub 200 market all there seem to be are low rise straight fronts and double pleated monstrosities that wear like tents. I'm a bit on the large side (42 with a...
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    Have I committed Blasphemy

    So I have a somewhat silly question. I just purchased a really nice PRL blazer that I thought it looked just great on me. It was only when I got it home that I realized it has darts and side vents. Have I betrayed the faith?
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