1. L-feld

    Are there any good traditional blogs out there that actually focus on clothing?

    OCBD's blog is excellent, but he doesn't update that frequently. Ivy Style has long since devolved into some combination of internet drama and juvenile politics. Anything out there worth reading? Pictures are a real plus. I'm especially looking for articles on how to wear certain items...
  2. L-feld

    Williams & Kent?

    Yesterday a I received a catalog for an unfamiliar brand called Williams & Kent. It contained many of the usual suspects - Gitman shirts, Johnston's sweaters, Zelli loafers, etc. What really caught my eye were the sport jackets. Many are two button sacks with side vents and ticket pockets...
  3. L-feld

    March Acquisitions

    Just got a new bow tie made from Lily Pulitzter fabric for the spring. Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  4. L-feld

    Tab collar shirts with business casual

    Is this a good look or are tab collars best with suits? I primarily wear button down collars, but I thought a tab collar might be fun. This time of year I usually wear a lightweight tweed jacket, sometimes a doeskin blazer, with flannel trousers and casual-ish ties (knits, emblematic, etc)...
  5. L-feld

    Steven Mnuchin and his peak lapel suits

    He sure seems to love em. Not my style, but it's nice to see a politician with a little flair. Maybe he will rub off on Trump a little. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. L-feld

    PSA: William Lockie sweaters at Scotweb.co.uk

    Now that it's getting cold, I'm sure you're all fretting over sweaters. I would like to remind everyone that a wonderful merchant called ScotWeb is a great resource for, among other things, Scottish cashmere sweaters. Those of you who have been around for a while know that I've gotten many...
  7. L-feld

    Sizing of Gucci Classic loafers vs. 1953 and Roos

    Crossposting this from Trad... I'm considering picking up a pair of he Gucci "classic" loafers (eg http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/gucci-cl...ioncolor=BLACK) How does fit and sizing compare to the 1953 and/or Roos? I have a pair of 1953 loafers and two pairs of Roos, all in size "11G" which fit...
  8. L-feld

    Gucci 1953 vs Roos vs Classic

    I'm considering picking up a pair of he Gucci "classic" loafers (eg http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/gucci-classic-leather-moccasin/3289753?origin=keywordsearch-personalizedsort&fashioncolor=BLACK) How does fit and sizing compare to the 1953 and/or Roos? I have a pair of 1953 loafers and two pairs...
  9. L-feld

    "Summer Casual"

    I have a 4th of July wedding coming up. It's going to be outdoors and it will probably be hot and humid. The invitation says "Summer Casual." What's the party line? Madras jacket, end on end shirt, poplin pants and a knit tie? Something more subdued? Linen?
  10. L-feld

    PSA: All British shoes 10% off

    Due to recent events, some of you may have noticed that the value of the British pound dropped by 10%. If you were planning buying something from Herring, Pediwear or Shipton, now would be a really good time. And yes, this discount will stack with any other discounts you might normally use.
  11. L-feld

    Hardwick bringing back "Max" 3 button sack!!!

    I just got an e-mail from Hardwick indicating that, although they are still unable to fulfill special orders, they have received enough interest in their 3/2 sack model (the "Max") that they have decided to modernize the model and offer it in a few fabrics on their website. They will be...
  12. L-feld

    Royal Oxford ( or When is too much texture too much?)

    I recently acquired a beautiful NOS royal oxford shirt made by Hathaway for J. Press. It has a a blue body with contrast collar and cuff. Is it too much to pair it with a textured suiting such as Birdseye? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. L-feld

    Paul Fredrick

    I have zero experience with this brand, but I am noticing that the collars on their buttondown shirts look pretty decent and they describe all of their trousers as having "traditional, generous rise." I am wondering if this could be a decent source for the occasional purchase that doesn't...
  14. L-feld

    Soft, flexible tassel loafers

    I'm in the market to upgrade my Bostonian tassel loafers to something better. I've been a tough fit with loafers and the best ones I've come across lately have been bologna constructed Italian shoes. I would probably go for the AE Urbinos, but the tassel attachment is just kind of weird...
  15. L-feld

    Moccasin construction: saddle stitch v. whip stitch

    I am looking around for a new pair of tassel loafers for the spring and after spending a lot of time trying on shoes, I have found some that fit really well. However, the plug is attached to the upper via whip stitch, rather than the more common saddle stitch. I am most used to seeing whip...
  16. L-feld

    Club insignia etiquette

    I've got a conundrum. It's almost hilarious in how much of a "first world problem" it is. My friend's father is a long time member of the Annapolis yacht club. They apparently had some all-over pants made up with the club insignia. My friend's father, who knows I enjoy a good all-over...
  17. L-feld

    Cream polish with highest pigment content

    I am looking to find the most heavily pigmented cream polish. I have a few shoes that could use a little pigment restoration and my AE cream polish isn't cutting it. Please don't just say "Saphir" because that's what the igent groupthink demands. If Saphir really is the best for my purposes...
  18. L-feld

    Oxford shirts from the Knottery

    They have 3.75" collars... anybody tried these? http://knottery.com/products/staple-oxford
  19. L-feld

    Question about AE recrafting

    I have a pair of AE Fenways that are about a year old. They are Goodyear welted, but the welt is stitched to a midsole and a one piece vibram sole/heel is glued onto the midsole. The vibram sole is not terribly worn down, but it has started to separate from the midsole on the right shoe. The...
  20. L-feld

    October Acquisitions

    I guess I'm starting this one off with some pretty underwhelming stuff. In the mail, I received a package from Lands End and a package from Dann Online. From Lands End I received a pair of long rise chinos. I was kind of disappointed that even their long rise traditional fit is still shorter...
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