1. drlivingston

    Have The Social Lunatics Taken Over?

  2. drlivingston

    Thoughts on my new Black Lapel MTM?

    I hope that you kept the receipt.
  3. drlivingston

    Have The Social Lunatics Taken Over?

    Ma was a prophetess!
  4. drlivingston

    Have The Social Lunatics Taken Over?

    Not quite the same as "dropping the soap." But, it's still sufficient to cause trepidation.
  5. drlivingston

    General Lee

  6. drlivingston

    Can faux fur coats also be worn by a 7 year old boy?

    He might get away with wearing it in Europe. But, over here, it would be open season on him.
  7. drlivingston

    Bondeno Shoes

    Custom lasts and Hermès calfskin for $770? Is that per shoe?
  8. drlivingston

    Used clothes?

    I put 100+ miles on a car at least 5 days each week. Leasing would cost me a fortune in mileage fees. Unless you were talking about leasing a wife...
  9. drlivingston

    Used clothes?

    Thank God there are tons of people who like to wear used / vintage clothing. They pay my bills. :)
  10. drlivingston

    winners-picked Win A Vincero Expertly Crafted Watch!! ENTER CONTEST HERE!

    I can definitely see myself wearing a Kairos Automatic in rose gold.
  11. drlivingston

    Fussell's ties and social class with examples

    What an odd article.
  12. drlivingston

    winners-picked Win MVST Select Premium Aluminum Luggage!! ENTER CONTEST HERE!

    Trek Aluminum Carry-On in gunmetal for me. Nice combination of style and function.
  13. drlivingston

    Thrift store blues & brags

    Nowhere right now... I will start listing when I return next week from the eBay conference in Vegas.
  14. drlivingston

    Thrift store blues & brags

    I will have to look. I know that I have several Holland & Holland ties in my inventory somewhere. Plus, probably some H&H braces.
  15. drlivingston

    Thrift store blues & brags

    Had fun at a local estate sale this weekend. A guy wanted to get rid of a bunch of shoes and clothing. I was only too willing to help. Picked up everything for less than $11 per item. (not pictured are a bunch of Bookster coats and Barbour jackets) Crockett & Jones x 34 Animas Code...
  16. drlivingston

    Alden Restoration - BB LHS

    Just a heads up... I would have never sent them to Alden. Their turnaround time is ridiculous and their work has gone downhill in recent years. If B. Nelson doesn't come through, let me know. There are other service providers that do a great job for less money in less time than Alden.
  17. drlivingston

    Forum Platform Upgrade Planned

    Navy slacks...
  18. drlivingston

    Alden... Jacket!?

    When I thrift one for $20, I will offer a full review.
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