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    Brooks Brothers OCBD Must Iron 15x32

    Brooks Brothers Pink OCBD Must iron 100% US Supima cotton Tagged 15x33 but sleeve is closer to 32 after shrinkage Extra Slim Fit barely worn so in excellent shape This is the style that BB no longer sells $45 shipped CONUS
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    sales Ralph Lauren by C&J Brown Shell Cordovan Penny Loafers 8D

    Ralph Lauren Marlow Penny Loafers Dark Brown Shell Cordovan 8D new shoe bags and box included $465 (CONUS shipping and signature confirmation included) the left foot (right shoe in the image) is a slightly lighter shade
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    Shortening sleeves on outerwear

    Is it possible to shorten the sleeves on an overcoat or peacoat? If so, is it easily done or should I not bother?
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    Get money back whenever you buy from eBay

    I'm not sure if this is appropriate for this forum but this deal is from a rebate site, similar to fatwallet.com. You can get back 36% of the fees that the seller has to pay everytime you win something on eBay. For example, say you win an item on eBay and the seller has to pay seller fees to...
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    brooks brothers' boys vs hickey freeman boys

    In terms of quality, which is better- Brooks Brothers' boys' suits or Hickey Freeman's boys' suits?
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