1. mikel

    contest APPOSTA MTM Men's Dress Shirts: Giveaway Contest! Enter Contest HERE!!

    We're back with yet another great giveaway! This time we've partnered with the fine folks at APPOSTA, an Italian MTM Shirt Maker! Together, we're offering Ask Andy Members the chance at winning the following prizes: (3) Winners. Any item with a max value of 120/EUR (around $130USD) Contest...
  2. mikel

    official Get Your Old Money-Style Clothing Photos Featured In A New Book!!!

    Hey Everyone, we received this request from an author, who is looking for some Trad Clothing photos for a book they are currently working on. To avoid inadvertently promoting the author, existing books, or the new book, we're not mentioning the author's name here. Here's The Ask Style of...
  3. mikel

    The Elegant Oxford YouTube Channel

    I just went down a rabbit hole and watched about an hour's worth of dress shoe restoration videos. Thought the fine people here would appreciate the art in this restorer's work. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdV7lCjZqIpaNiSbx3PcMTA
  4. mikel

    winners-picked Herring Shoes: Giveaway Contest! Enter Contest HERE!!

    Yep, we're back with another great giveaway! This time we've partnered with the fabulous folks at Herring Shoes! (Thanks @Adrian Herring !) Together, we're offering Ask Andy Members the chance at winning the following prizes: (3) Winners. Any item from...
  5. mikel

    Share Your Shoes Photo Day - September 13th. Share them here now!

    Gentlemen (and ladies too) - Ask Andy is going to be hosting a "Share Your Shoes Photo" Day on Facebook on Friday, September 13th. All day we'll be sharing & featuring photos of the shoes Ask Andy members are wearing! Share Your Shoe Photos With Us 👞👈 We'd love to feature one or more photos...
  6. mikel

    Is It Still Acceptable To Wear This Cashmere & Wool Jacket?

    Question from one of our Facebook followers (Chad) Some of the cashmere hair are starting to look long or fury. Is this still acceptable to wear? Any advice for Chad? See the original post on Facebook here.
  7. mikel

    winners-picked Win A Vincero Expertly Crafted Watch!! ENTER CONTEST HERE!

    Just off the heals of our last incredibly successful contest, we're back with another great giveaway! We've partnered with our friends at Vincero Watchers, makers of exceptionally crafted, fairly priced watches. Together, we're offering Ask Andy Members the chance at winning the following...
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    Vincero Watches. Up to 25% Off - ENDS SOON

    We're just about to launch our Vincero Watch giveaway, and just got word about this special discount offer. Vincero is offering the following 5th Anniversary Sale discount offer. 15% off all orders 20% off orders $200+ 35% off orders $400+ Free Shipping Worldwide Offer appears to end at...
  9. mikel

    Favorite Hot Sauce?

    In anticipation of receiving my bottle of Safari Hot Sauce (Created by our very own @Oldsarge), I thought it would be interesting to find out what everyone's favorite hot sauce is. I am not a fan of vinegar, and pretty much loathe any condiment, sauce, dressing, or food that contains it. Of...
  10. mikel

    Edward & James Rushton Boot Review Discussion

    We just published a review of the Edward & James Rushton Boot (a @Pediwear house brand). Photos Article link: https://askandyaboutclothes.com/edward-james-rushton-boot-review/ The above article was written by our very own @Tony Gorga -- great job Tony and very nice photos too! If you...
  11. mikel

    Recommended Tailors in Phuket & Bangkok? Personal introductions welcome

    My very good friend is traveling to Phuket & Bangkok in mid August. He'd like to get a custom suit while he's there, so I thought I'd ask here to get some personal recommendations for him. If you have any suggestions, please provide name, email, phone if possible. @Andy - Any suggestions?
  12. mikel

    grooming What Self-Care lessons would you teach your son?

    In cooperation with our friends over at Tiege Hanley, we just published the following article about 7 Self-Care Lessons fathers would teach their sons. https://askandyaboutclothes.com/7-self-care-lessons/ If I had a son, here are some self-care suggestions I'd make: Exercise often Eat well...
  13. mikel

    winners-picked Win MVST Select Premium Aluminum Luggage!! ENTER CONTEST HERE!

    Our contests are back, and we have something very special! We've partnered with our friends at MVST Select, makers of premium aluminum luggage, to offer Ask Andy Members the chance at winning the following prizes: 1st prize: $400 no-limit voucher (3 winners) 2nd prize: $200 no-limit voucher (3...
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    Forum Platform Upgrade Planned

    In about 7-10 days, we'll be peforming a forum software upgrade from Xenforo v1 to Xenforo v2x. Some of the more notable improvements will be: 1. Overall improved mobile experience 2. Alerts indicator in the favicon (so you see it in the browser tab) 3. Better navigating images in posts 4...
  15. mikel

    The World's Lightest Suit?

    Cut from luxe silk and ultra-fine S150’s wool by the acclaimed E. Thomas mill in Italy, the Suit Supply's World's Lightest Suit comes in at a feathery 1.15 lbs. (525g)—compared to the average 2.27 lbs. (1030g) for traditional suits. More details here...
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    Official Trad Thrift Store Exchange

    Is now located here: https://askandyaboutclothes.com/forum/forums/trad-thrift-store-exchange/ Enjoy!
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    Official Member Sellers | Website Links

    @Fraser Tartan https://www.ebay.com/usr/rolledcollar @MTM_Master? https://www.ebay.com/usr/bluevolley64
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    By posting in this forum, you are agreeing to all the terms below and acknowleging that you clearly understand these Rules (subject to change at any time). Seller Types Occassional Sellers - Those members who are looking to sell personal items, but do not have any form of online store. Member...
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    Official Member Sellers | Website Links

    @TweedyDon https://www.waterhollowtweed.com/ https://www.facebook.com/waterhollowtweed/ https://www.instagram.com/waterhollowtweed @Danny
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    FREE Online Style Summit. May 13-17

    For those interested... A FREE 5-DAY LIVE EVENT Top Experts and Influencers Teaching You How to Elevate Your Style, Life and Career. Sign-up here: https://askandyaboutclothes.com/leading-with-style-summit-2019-sign-up
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