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    Unworn Alfred Sargent Exclusive

    Size 10 (UK) Moore in black (10.5 USA) Size 9.5 (UK) Hunt in Mahogany (10 USA) Note: These are British sizes. Shoe boxes and lasted shoe trees included. I will accept any reasonable offer.
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    Borrelli shirt online retailers

    Any recommendations on where to purchase Borrelli shirts online? Are there any other shirtmakers worth looking into?
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    Alfred Sargent Exclusive Range out of production

    I heard from a source that Alfred Sargent has ceased production of its exclusive range. Does anyone know the reason for ceasing production?
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    Does anyone have any experience with Bodileys branded shoes? From an article I found on the internet in Permanent Style, they are apparently made by Cheaney's and that they are "a big step up on regular Cheaney's." Would this step up be compared to a shoe on the 125 last? Is the fit the same as...
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    Daniel Cremieux Signature @ Dillard's

    I went to a Dillard's store last week to see if any they had any Hickey Freeman suits marked down. I came across a couple of nice Daniel Cremieux Signature Loro Piana 170s suits that I had never seen before. Retail price of $1,995. Obviously the guy working in the store had no idea who makes...
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