1. AndrewO

    Packing for Scandinavian trip

    Thanks for your tips! I will be traveling this fall (October 6-21) to Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and maybe Estonia. I was wondering what to pack for days site seeing, researched tons of travel forum topics, and it is you who helped a lot
  2. AndrewO

    TWA Hotel at JFK

    I LOVE this building. I used to fly all the time for work and did many free trips to europe out of that building - just entering the building - that great wing shape - started the excitement of the trips. Though I could't find any reviews on hotel booking sites:(
  3. AndrewO

    New Travel Tips

    I absolutely love these tips Andrew! I would definetely prefer an aisle seat on International flights, I frequently use the bathroom and it could be a little bit uncomfortable to bother other people while I´m on the window seat, plus on long flights I go to my hand luggage very frequently, to...
  4. AndrewO

    What are You Watching / Enjoying on TV?

    I adore watching Hotstar while on a treadmill. Unfortunately, Hotstar is geoblocked in my area. That means that if you are an Indian expat living in UK, USA, Canada, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Australia, or elsewhere abroad you cannot watch Hotstar. Luckily, there is a way to bypass this restriction if...
  5. AndrewO

    Hy Traveling to Canada with my dog, who has never been vaccinated, tips?

    As far as I know, Dogs can enter into Canada even if has been less than 30 days between their rabies shot but US requirements say that dogs that have never been vaccinated against rabies must be vaccinated at least 30 days before arrival. For more info visit this travel with pet resource
  6. AndrewO

    Paris report? Burgundy France

    We are planning on backbacking Europe in June-July this year with my wife and we would like to go to Burgundy to experience the countryside of France and the wonderful wine and vineyards. Other than the some museums in the towns of Burgundy and the wines, what else is there to go for? Our...
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