1. Kurt N

    Can these be worn with a tux?

    Thanks for the responses, gents. Four-in-hand was my thought, as well, but I thought I'd double-check. Matt, re "dark solid": The Tie Bar does have an assortment of black, midnight, and regular navy bow ties in a range of fabrics, including knit and corduroy. I like the option of a dark solid...
  2. Kurt N

    Can these be worn with a tux?

    On the topic of dark lounge suit at a black tie optional event: is it advisable to wear a solid dark bow tie, to blend in with black tie as much as possible? Or is it better to wear a standard necktie, so as not to look as though one is trying pass a lounge suit off as something it isn't? I'm...
  3. Kurt N

    Ralph Lauren design for US Olympic team uniform

    Apparently it was an issue for Lauren himself, growing up in the Bronx, and in fact was the reason for the name change. http://www.oprah.com/omagazine/Oprah-Interviews-Ralph-Lauren/10
  4. Kurt N

    Ralph Lauren design for US Olympic team uniform

    The beret is apparently a sort of fashion force in the Olympics, one to which even Ralph must eventually yield. So says this tongue-in-cheek piece, anyway...
  5. Kurt N

    Mink Oil and Shining Shoes

    Here's a blog post by Nick Horween where he recommends neatsfoot oil (similar to mink oil) for chromexcel. http://horween.wordpress.com/2010/03/23/chromexcel%C2%AE-2/ As the pix show, it's a matte leather that in heavy weights is great for hunting boots but isn't meant to get a glossy polish...
  6. Kurt N

    To Uniform or Not?

    To illustrate: http://www.styleforum.net/t/230619/cbd-waywrn-an-experiment CBD WAYWRN = Conservative Business Dress: What Are You Wearing Right Now?
  7. Kurt N

    Just got myself a motorcycle, taking suggestions for (trad) motorcycle boots (and other gear, if you

    I don't what there is to disagree about. You signal. You SELL your lane shift. If you don't see the other guy "buy" your action by slowing down, you stay out of his way. So OK, if the word "authority" is a stumbling block, try "active visibility." I know you've been riding a long time (longer...
  8. Kurt N

    Just got myself a motorcycle, taking suggestions for (trad) motorcycle boots (and other gear, if you

    When my son was in youth baseball and we parents were umpiring, the trainers emphasized "selling" your calls by being decisive and highly visible with your gestures. I think of riding that way: you have to project authority and sell your actions. In daytime, don't assume others will see the...
  9. Kurt N


  10. Kurt N

    AE Sanford of old

    52 means it's the Sanford. The third digit indicates color and material. A number in the 2-4 range would normally mean some shade of brown, but here they're using 3 for burgundy (the scheme isn't fully consistent). Relevant thread...
  11. Kurt N


    A third option would be that they are the defining norms of a game one can enjoy playing. This is not to deny that the rules of dress are in ever-changing, regional, etc. Getting acquainted with different sets of rules and choosing those one likes especially well just adds to the fun.
  12. Kurt N

    A Black Rumor

    With advanced Google search you can even search within a specific domain, like www.askandyaboutclothes.com. I don't know why this works so much better than a forum's native search utility, but Joe B is right: it does.
  13. Kurt N

    Where can I find this style of shoe?

    Shoes in the style you're talking about are called adelaides.
  14. Kurt N

    Another Cruise wear question: Navy blazer with brass buttons?

    Plain-Toe Bluchers. Typical military footwear, said to have originated with a Prussian general named Bluecher in the Napoleonic era.
  15. Kurt N

    Where’s Cruiser?

    ^ Lots of points I agree with. But I think the complaint by some was that threads too often got derailed--in other words, that the "logical boundaries for discussion" created by a thread's announced topic didn't in practice prevent thread derailment. This is actually a complaint at SF, as well...
  16. Kurt N

    Ouch, my eyes!

    Actually, I think tintin is to blame. http://thetrad.blogspot.com/2011/06/gilt-loves-go-to-hell.html
  17. Kurt N

    Gunwalker Scandal AKA "Operation Fast and Furious"

    Pretty alarming, gotta say, and it hadn't really been that big on my radar. Which of those links document(s) the administration's hints about stricter gun control? (That hadn't been on my radar, either.) In suggesting that there may have been political motivations behind the operation, are you...
  18. Kurt N

    Is Getting One of Those Shirt Folding Devices One Step Too Far?

    You want the sordid world of shirt folding devices? Here you go. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChJT6NmrHSo&feature=related
  19. Kurt N

    Bow tie or Ascot tie ?

    Ditto that. I wore a bow tie for the first time yesterday. Got fewer "hey, bow tie!" comments than expected, and my wife said she liked the look and I could wear them more often as far as she was concerned. I hadn't expected it to be such a ho-hum deal, but hey, all the better.
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