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    For a gven value of Trad . . .

    I'll stick with my ancient one thanks very much.
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    Colored Laces for Dress Shoes

    It seems that this particular conflict is most assuredly forming along forum lines, with the trads on the "NEVER" side and the others on the "sometimes" side. I however am quite happy to wear my red laced shoes with my 3/2 sack.
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    Warning: not for the faint-hearted. May cause bleeding eyes: Shinesty

    I would wear that, not even as a joke. It's just tongue in cheek enough to be fun, I would probably have it cut as a classic english hunting suit though.
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    Opinions on Indochino for an odd blazer?

    I'm looking for and odd jacket for summer and I was wondering if anyone had any particularly bad experiences with them. I live in NYC so I'd be getting fitted at their office rather than using the online method. P.S. if anyone has bought from them in the past I would appreciate if you could use...
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    Snowboots...Moon Boots?

    I disagree with your disagreement :P. I have a pair of North face moon boots and they are just as comfortable and warm as they were when I bought them ages ago. They have stood me through many blizzards well.
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    Low Site Traffic?

    I rather miss the "bleeding madras" and "blue trousers" days. Then again I'm rather the sort of person who sets up a picnic blanket at a train wreck so I may be biased.
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    Favorite dressed fictional literary character?

    No love for Atticus Finch?
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    Buying from Abroad and Custom's Duties

    Why the hell would having darts effect the duty. Is there some secret vast conspiracy by the American suit industry to keep sack suits in style?
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    Buying from Abroad and Custom's Duties

    I consider it my duty as a good American to make it as difficult as possible within the law to separate me from my money. Duties and taxes fall under this banner. If you want 30% (and up) of my income you better be prepared to wor for it.
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    Summer suit. Some are swell. But this?

    If it were 200 cheaper I would already own that suit. Do it.
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    Questions About Trousers

    My grandfather used to say "a man who wears a belt and suspenders, that's a man who doesn't trust his own pants. You can't trust a man who doesn't trust his own pants." (He never actually said that but I still love that saying)
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    Allen Edmonds Voyager walking shoe

    Sweet Moses that picture is probably found in the encyclopedia under "old man shoes"
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    Tactical suit purchasing - help requested!

    I'm pretty sure you could just get a bb 1818 for that price during the current sale. Edit: both the suits you linked are under 650.
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    i'm lower than pond scum

    May I propose that you give me your credit card (purely to save you from tempation I assure you).
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    More Nordstrom WTF

    Seems like an exellent garment for the bum on the go. Stuff it with rumpled newspapers to keep warm in the winter, or fill the baggy areas with plundered canned goods and whiskey while plying the rails. Then use it to signal the royal navy when caught stowing away and thrown overboard on a tramp...
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    Black... When and Why did it Return?

    Black will always be black, and flatters all complexions from ebony to "Victorian consumptive". To me at least it just works, then again I was born and raised in Manhattan, so I may be biased.
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    Square toe shoes?

    Burn those at once, then buy some wides. As somebody with decidedly large feet I assure you that options exist. I'm a EEE width and I have had great luck buying old Allen Edmonds on Ebay.
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    Happy Holidays from Carmina

    I think you forgot about the "not a bridging freedom of speech" bit there. Compared to most of western Europe the US is not very PC.
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    Best bang for your buck sunglasses for ~$300?

    Randolph engineering is great quality made in America and less than $200.
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    It does rather sound like one is saying "I would like to do sex with someone who smells like you" which could be badly recieved.
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