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    Like Allen Edmonds 65 last but wider in the waist?

    Sounds like a different last and construction might be better. Try the Leeds in 3E width. It has a broader profile and the sole extends outward a lot more too.
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    Minimalist business wardrobe drawn examples

    Mathematically speaking (rigorously), each suit allows 210 separate ensembles. So the person has 840 combinations if there are 2 3-piece suits that can be worn with or without the vest. C(n, r) = n!/(n-r)!*r! where n is the number of articles (here it is 10) other than suits, and r is the...
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    What Are You Wearing Today 2.0?

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    Length of Brooks Dress Shirts -- Too Short

    I imagine it would if it makes it difficult to find clothes of the rack.
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    Provenance of these bluchers?

    Alden, for sure.
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    Length of Brooks Dress Shirts -- Too Short

    I have the same issue. What I don't understand is why going from a Traditional fit to a Madison fit the shirt tail length has to decrease by an inch or so. It's as if the midriff size is supposed to inversely correlate with the height of the person. Go figure!
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    Number of Belt Loops on Dress Pants (see photo)

    However many are needed to keep the trousers from puddling around the ankles, no?
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    What Are You Wearing Today 2.0?

    Quite nice, but I did detect a fifth pattern (in the socks).:)
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    Rediscovering Chukkas

    Medium brown pebble grain leather with low profile Dainite sole.
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    Cotton Moleskin for an Odd Jacket?

    I'd be more worried if the trousers were of a heavier cloth than the jacket.
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    Bills Bullard Field Pants

    Bills has their Bullard FP on sale, but be warned the twill is rather pronounced on this edition. Almost as if they are mis-labeled.
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    Shell Wallet?

    Check the Meermin website. They have wallets in shell.
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    Best USA Made Khaki Pants right now

    They appear to be more expensive than Bills'.
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    Bath robes/Dressing Gowns

    Both Landsend and LL Bean have relatively decent flannel versions. Not fancy, but wear well.
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    Brooks Brothers OCBD Sale

    What a bust! Got the 4 shirts deal, but am quite unhappy about the quality. For an "iconic" shirt, this stuff is on the thinner end of the oxford cloth spectrum, and to boot is not long enough in the body to stay tucked. And my body dimensions are fairly middle of the road. This cannot be worth...
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    Rubber soles - opinions please

    I'll second that. And some of them are thin enough in profile.
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    New Dainite sole on GW shoe

    B Nelson Shoes provides this service, but it requires a complete welting job, and is more expensive consequently.
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    Brooks Brothers OCBD Sale

    I just looked into this and can only conclude that it appears to be some form of inventory clearing. It is possible that the "new" same shirt is just slightly different than the stuff on sale.
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    Allen-Edmonds customer service: beyond what I had hoped

    My apologies for the coarse language.
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    Allen-Edmonds customer service: beyond what I had hoped

    Well, the much-vaunted custo mer service trope is finally out the window. Now the company will not even credit money for orders they cannot fulfill because they are out of stock. 3 bloody calls and all I get to do is listen to cheesy music for over 30 minutes! **** **** *******