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  1. RWLewis2nd

    contest High On Leather FREE Giveaway | 9 Awesome Prizes!!

    #1, the soft leather briefcase for men, although they all look exceptional.
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    Caring for your AE shoes and different colors. What creams and how many brushes need?

    I'll admit up front that I'm anal - I use a separate horsehair applicator and/or cloth, and a separate horsehair brush (followed by flannel) for every color cream or polish that I use. As of now, that's a total of thirteen applicators and thirteen brushes, one set for each color I use, each...
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    Alan Flusser's CLOTHES AND THE MAN: The Principles of Fine Men's Dress

    For those interested, is selling Alan Flusser's (1985) CLOTHES AND THE MAN: The Principles of Fine Men's Dress book for $7.95. This is the direct link:
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    Cufflink Storage - Cases that work excellent for me

    Yes, I definitely agree rip. The aluminum cases are utilitarian for sure, which is why I went with them due to the number of pairs of cufflinks I had to store. I wanted an inexpensive, durable case with individual spaces for each pair of cufflinks, one space per pair. The aluminum cases fit the...
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    Cufflink Storage - Cases that work excellent for me

    I just posted this reply on Style Forum, and thought everyone here may be interested in these too. These work great for my needs: Re: How To Store Cufflinks I also had the same problem of cufflink storage. As I have well over 100 pairs of cufflinks, I recently went to these for storage...
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    Caswell-Massey 20% Off All Items - 4 Days Only

    For those that use Caswell-Massey products: 20% Off All Items August 9th thru August 12th Only Enter Coupon Code WKS0807 at checkout (mail, phone, online) or 1-800-326-0500
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    Allen Edmonds: Styles vs. Lasts

    For those interested - This is a list that I put together for personal use, mainly using Steve's original list and combining other lists that I had into it. I have no idea how accurate the list actually is, especially for those styles showing multiple lasts. The list is NOT Wisconsin made...
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    Death of (Decent) Casual

    I'm not sure if this is casual or formal, but it sounds like it's the appropriate attire for this party...
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    AAAC CD question

    Hi San, My unbiased opinion of Andy's CD - in one word, Outstanding. Every conceivable topic is covered. Not everything has graphics as you want, but the pertinent subjects that do require graphics have them. Andy's explanations and/or definitions are so good that you probably won't need...
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    Video - A Paris Shoe Artisian at Work

    Here's an excellent video of Paris shoe artisian Antoine at work. It's in French, but definitely worth viewing: Here's Antoine's web site in French: And here's his translated web site in English, possibly...
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    Shoe Tree Group Buy

    Cross-posted from 02/09/2007 post on Style Forum: My eight pairs of extra large Epics just arrived an hour ago. They were drop-shipped direct from Woodlore, the manufacturer (owned by Allen Edmonds), in Wisconsin. These are exactly the size I thought they were. I have been using Bexley...
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    Suggestion for a good long shoe horn ?

    These may be an option. The long handled style shoe horns with the beechwood shafts are made by a family firm in Italy. For the price, these are great shoe horns. In addition to a genuine bull horn shoehorn, I use the "Horn-Style Long Handled Shoe Horn $13.95", with the "knob", and I like it...