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  1. momsdoc

    Is the 3 button jacket forever dead?

    There is no shortage of 3 button suits and sports coats at Cordings. They outnumber the 2 buttons 2:1.
  2. momsdoc

    Can I soften shoe polish that has dried?

    How infrequentlydoes one polish their shoesto notnotice if the paste is getting dry, prior to needing it at the last moment. When the polish is starting to show it’s age, order some new replacement. Even in Maine the USPSwill be able to deliver it.
  3. momsdoc

    Besides sneakers, what shoes under a polo and dark jeans (or chinos)?

    While I generally avoid jeans, my 33 year old son wears them frequently. I have seen him pair black and dark denim with black Jodpuhrs, as well as dark grey espadrilles, and both combinations have been aesthetically appealing to me, though not my style.
  4. momsdoc

    The official boot porn thread

    New GMTO from Justin. Walnut Museum Calf Braided Bal Boot. Should arrive in October. Just in time for Fall wear. I can see this as a Spring/Summer high boot.
  5. momsdoc

    Löf & Tung anyone?

  6. momsdoc

    White Tie Waistcoat Length

    I cannot imagine, given the resources, power, and prestige of the man in question, that an entire fleet of Savile Row tailors could not have been assembled in a short order to fix this disaster. It’s not like he hadn’t put on the rig for years, he has had plenty of white tie events in the...
  7. momsdoc

    Trump's White-Tie Outfit: Style Hit or Miss?

    ^ Yes, but I’ve been obsessing over his rig since I saw it. I want, and expect, my President to be well dressed. If he doesnt know what’s right, then his dressers or valet should.....especially when price is not a concern. The long tie and baggy suits on a man who has a wardrobe budget all...
  8. momsdoc

    Löf & Tung anyone?

    I dunno, they look pretty good on my feet.
  9. momsdoc

    The official boot porn thread

    Sweet! So now that you've taken the plunge, how do you find PS?
  10. momsdoc

    Who makes a great linen shirt?

    I meant it more as to it’s qualities of shrinkage and wrinkling. So far, once you get used to the idiosyncrasies of their sizing, I have found everything I have purchase from Spier & Mackey to be a good value, and good quality. They are one of my first options when looking for a garment, and...
  11. momsdoc

    Having hard time finding a men's belt that fits

    There are many fine belt makers to consider, and we all have our favorites. For me it’s Equus. Pricey? Yes. Durable? Yes. Indestructible? Seems so, so far. Worth the price? Absolutely, you will have it for longer than your waistline will remain able to accommodate it.
  12. momsdoc

    Random question about a shoe design

    They work well with a suit in ANY weather.
  13. momsdoc

    Löf & Tung anyone?

    Since trading in my original 2 J&M clunky Chelseas for an elegant Magnanni and a CS Chelsea, I have become enamored with them. There is something quite appealing about their plain toe and flowing lines. Those L&T are very handsome, and remind me that while my Chelsea collection has grown to be...
  14. momsdoc

    Who makes a great linen shirt?

    I recently recieved my first Proper Cloth shirt. They have an extensive array of linen to choose from. It appears well made, and with the few minor tweaks I made to their standard trim fit pattern, fits perfectly. Best of all, is that they encourage you to launder it before deciding if the...
  15. momsdoc

    Pete Buttigieg's belt!

    You may just have explained to me an oddity of my Spier and Mackey duffle coat. It buttons like a woman’s coat. I could never understand why it did so. While purchased on deep discount, it wasn’t a seconds. I was tempted to return it, thinking it was a defect, but there were no others...
  16. momsdoc

    Amazing non-Japanese shoes

    Those Vass boot are not only right up my alley, but virtually identical to the makeup I’ve discussed on and off with Ascot Shoes over the past few years. They remain on my wish list. I had been certain that they would be becoming a reality for this upcoming Winter. My son had gone back to...
  17. momsdoc

    Question about Shoes

    Moleskin comes in different thicknesses. Buy the thinnest one. Cut a suitable size strip and place on each heel to cover the affected areas. Nothing will rub thru.
  18. momsdoc

    Dress Boots: Cap Toe vs Plaintoe

    I’m trying to picture what you have in mind. The AE Dalton comes to my mind as an example of the style I think you’re trying to convey. Am I correct?